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The Universal Username (UUN) is the name of the computer account which is automatically generated for you when you join University of Edinburgh.

It is the username you will use to log on to most of the computers within the University, and to access web services.

MyEd Frequently Asked Questions: common issues when using and setting up MyEd.

What is MyEd?

MyEd is the University of Edinburgh’s gateway to web based services within and beyond the University. MyEd differs from a simple web page of links however, because it uses a combination of security, personalisation and customisation to offer more flexibility and integration.

MyEd uses the University single sign-on service, EASE, which allows you to access other services from within MyEd without having to re-enter your password. Though not all University services use EASE.

How do I add a channel, change columns or change the tab order of my layout?

Adding a channel

Click on ‘Customise’ just under the red ‘Home’ tab on the main horizontal navigation bar. Then simply start to type a channel name in the search box and the list of channels on the right will start to auto-filter. When you see the channel you want click and hold on the channel and drag to the page. Alternatively if you want to use a channel without adding it to your layout, choose the ‘Use it’ option, search, then click on the desired channel to take you directly to the channel.

Changing column number and widths

To change the column number or widths on a tab, Click on ‘Cutomise’ just under the red ‘Home’ tab on the main horizontal navigation bar. Then choose ‘Layouts’. You can then choose once of the pre-defined column layouts.

Changing the tab order

To change the tab, navigate to the tab you would like to move, then click and hold the upper left side of the tab and move the tab to the desired position.

How do I use drag & drop to move a channel?

To move a channel, via drag & drop, within a tab:

  1. place your mouse cursor over the gray title bar of a channel
  2. click and hold your mouse button
  3. move the channel to a new position
  4. release the mouse button

You can not drag & drop channels between tabs, only within a tab. You must also log-out, before you close the browser, to permanently save any changes you’ve made to your layout.

You will not be able to drag & drop channels on touch-based devices (tablets, smartphone).

How do I customise MyEd to make it more accessible?

You alter the appearance of MyEd to make it easier to read and navigate within your browser settings. A link for accessibility guidance is below.

Customising a website for accessibility

Links in MyEd don’t open, or a pop-up window was blocked by the browser, what do I do?

Most web browsers have a pop-up blocker, which prevents websites from opening unwanted pop-up windows. Usually this is a good thing, but occasionally links in MyEd may be incorrectly blocked by your browsers’ pop-up blocker.

If your browser is asking you to allow pop-ups from, then go ahead and set this to “allow”.

You can also explicitly enable pop-ups for MyEd, or all University websites, in your browser:

  1. Find the “Pop-Ups” section in your browser settings or options menu. Specific browser help is available here.
  2. Add one of the following to the list of exceptions or allowed sites: – – allows MyEd to open pop-ups, * – allows all University of Edinburgh websites to open pop-ups (recommended)

Why doesn’t my browser back button work?

Sometimes the browser back button will take you to a warning that the “page has expired”.

This is normally because the channel you are using is a self-contained application. Please use the specific navigation provided by individual channels.

Channel X has timed out, what do I do?

This is because each channel has a timeout setting so that if one channel is not working the other channels should still appear.

When you see this message, firstly try to refresh the channel.

If this does not work try to reboot the channel.

Channel X is not working, what do I do?

If any channel is not working and it is either blank or an error message is being displayed, you should firstly check whether this may be due to scheduled maintenance work:

See the IS Alert Log for details of all events

To report a problem, please:

I can’t find or add a channel

If you want to use a channel that is not on any of your tabs, you can add it to your layout using the Customise link.

If the channel you want to use is not available for you to add to your layout with the Customise option, this means you do not have permission to use it.

Help using a channel

If a channel is working, but you just need some more information on how to use it, contact IS Helpline via the button above.

I can’t log in to Staff Personal Details channel

When you click the Launch Self-Service button in the Staff Personal channel this will launch the Employee Self-Service application in a new window.

The Staff Personal channel is not a reduced sign-on channel, so you will need to enter a username and password again to use Self-Service.

Your username will be your UUN as it is for other applications.

If you do not know your password you should contact Human Resources.

How do I change my password?

MyEd uses the University single sign-on service EASE. Visit the EASE help section of the University website to reset your password.

I’m off-campus and cannot login to the applications that I require

Some University services are only accessible to users who are logged into a computer that on the University network. This is to prevent unauthorised access.

You can connect to the University network by using the VPN service.

VPN registration and setup

I can’t log in because of a cookie error

Your browser is most likely set not to accept Cookies. Cookies are an essential component for the portal authentication and can be activated within your browser settings.

How to enable cookies in your internet browser

What is my username?

Staff / Student Applicants / Student / Visitor

Your username will be your universal username (UUN) that you use to login to other services such as email.

For students, your UUN is always your matriculation number prefixed by the letter “s” eg s0912345.

Your username is displayed in the My Details channel, which is linked to in the Dashboard.

If you are in any doubt about what your UUN is, please contact the IS Helpline for assistance.


Your username will be on the letter sent out to you from Development and Alumni Services.

It will be in one of two formats:

  • s + 7 digit matriculation number e.g. s9876543
  • sa + 6 digit number e.g. sa987654

If you do not have the letter, and/or are unable to remember your username, please contact Development and Alumni Services by email:

Email Development and Alumni Services

I am unable to single-sign-on into channels that previously worked without re-authentication.

This problem may arise if you log into a channel via MyEd, then log out of this channel, which then takes you through to the EASE logout page.

If you choose to entirely log out of EASE at this stage, the next time you try to use any EASE service (including single-sign-on channels in MyEd) you will be asked to re-authenticate.

Put simply, if you plan to continue using MyEd, you should not fully log out of EASE until you have finished working or leave your desk.

“This page contains both secure and non-secure items. Do you want to display the non-secure items?”

This is a browser controlled message that alerts you to the mixture of secure and non-secure items for a particular web page.

You can simply continue by clicking Yes to display both sets of items, or you can turn off the warning message.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and select Tools > Internet Options
  2. Select the Security tab and click the Custom Level button
  3. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section
  4. Under the Display mixed content option, select Enable
  5. Click OK
  6. Click OK

Chrome also displays a similar message at the top of the browser window: “This page has insecure content. Don’t load or Load anyway”. It is safe to click “Load anyway” within the MyEd portal. But there is no convenient method to turn this message off in Chrome.