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University of Edinburgh UUN

University of Edinburgh UUN

The Universal Username (UUN) is the name of the computer account which is automatically generated for you when you join University of Edinburgh.

It is the username you will use to log on to most of the computers within the University, and to access web services.

MyEd Frequently Asked Questions: common issues when using and setting up MyEd.

What is MyEd?

MyEd is the University of Edinburgh’s gateway to web based services within and beyond the University. MyEd differs from a simple web page of links however, because it uses a combination of security, personalisation and customisation to offer more flexibility and integration.

MyEd uses the University single sign-on service, EASE, which allows you to access other services from within MyEd without having to re-enter your password. Though not all University services use EASE.

How do I add a channel, change columns or change the tab order of my layout?

Adding a channel

Click on ‘Customise’ just under the red ‘Home’ tab on the main horizontal navigation bar. Then simply start to type a channel name in the search box and the list of channels on the right will start to auto-filter. When you see the channel you want click and hold on the channel and drag to the page. Alternatively if you want to use a channel without adding it to your layout, choose the ‘Use it’ option, search, then click on the desired channel to take you directly to the channel.

Changing column number and widths

To change the column number or widths on a tab, Click on ‘Cutomise’ just under the red ‘Home’ tab on the main horizontal navigation bar. Then choose ‘Layouts’. You can then choose once of the pre-defined column layouts.

Changing the tab order