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University of Edinburgh Undergraduate Courses

Access to our undergraduate degree programmes details.

Primary Education (MA Hons)

Details about our Primary Education degree programmes.

Primary Education with Gaelic (MA Hons)

Moray House School of Education offers two degrees in Primary Education with Gaelic, which will qualify students to work in the Gaelic-medium or English-medium sector.

Physical Education (MA Hons)

From 2014 entry, Moray House School of Education will offer a new programme in Physical Education.

Applied Sports Science (BSc Hons)

Designed to develop the knowledge of the place, value and purpose of sport and exercise within society.

Sport & Recreation Management (BSc Hons)

Prepares students for management careers in the sport and recreation industry and allows students to study sport as an academic subject.

Community Education (BA Hons)

A professionally endorsed professional qualification which enables graduates to apply for a wide range of posts.

Childhood Practice (BA)

A high-quality part-time degree programme aimed at those wishing to mix study with work.

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