University Of Edinburgh Undergraduate Admissions

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University Of Edinburgh Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions Office

  • College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

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The University of Edinburgh
57 George Square

If you are calling from outside the University, prefix the telephone numbers provided with +44 (0)131 6.

Undergraduate Team
Head of Undergraduate AdmissionsLisa Brannan50
Associate Dean (Recruitment and Admissions Strategy)Dr Jeremy Crang51
Acting Deputy Head of Undergraduate AdmissionsRhona Hajcman51
Admissions OfficerClaire Bannister (PT)50
Admissions OfficerLee Culp (PT)51
Admissions OfficerCatriona Elder50
Admissions OfficerAmanda Lund51
Admissions OfficerSonja Marshall50
Admissions OfficerJill Muirden (PT)51
Admissions OfficerLorna Shiels51
Admissions OfficerFiona Thomson51
Admissions Support OfficerKaren Gibson50
Admissions Support OfficerSteven Reid50
Acting Admissions Support OfficerRees Vanderwerf50
Admissions Team LeaderRuth Clunie50
Admissions Team LeaderPaul Milligan50
Admissions AdministratorNatasha Gordon50
Admissions AdministratorJanette Grant (PT)50
Admissions Administrator (Customer Service & Liaison)Michael Gray50
Admissions AdministratorSarah Gribbin50
Admissions AdministratorStefanie Grierson51
Admissions AdministratorCarrie
Admissions AdministratorJennifer
Admissions AdministratorJulie
Admissions AdministratorPatricia Nelson51
Admissions AdministratorJulie Nicoll50
Admissions AdministratorCalum Normand50
Admissions AdministratorStuart Rae50
Admissions AdministratorMorven Sutherland50
Admissions Administrator (Customer Service & Liaison)Vacancy50 3565