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How we determine your fee status for fee paying purposes.

Definition of tuition fee statusAll Scottish universities are required to determine fee status in accordance with regulations approved by the Scottish Parliament – the Education (Fees) (Scotland) Regulations 2011.Your tuition fee status and the level of tuition fee that you pay is determined by your nationality and the country where you are ‘ordinarily resident’.Education (Fees) (Scotland) Regulations 2011

Information on fee statusUKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) provides a detailed information for students which explains the conditions you need to meet to be entitled to pay tuition fees at the ‘home’ rate and not the ‘overseas’ rate for study in Scotland.United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs Information

Asylum Seekers

Information including tuition fee rates for applicants seeking asylum from within the United Kingdom commencing a programme of study at the University in 2017-2018

Fee status categoriesLike other UK universities, there are different levels of tuition fees for students whose status is home or overseas and at Scottish universities there are also different home fee levels for undergraduate study. Please see below for an explanation of the fee status categories we use:

CodeDescriptionFurther Explanation
AIncoming ExchangeExchange – no tuition fees due by student
BEU/EEA fee rateEU national who is normally resident in the EEA – includes UK citizens who have utilised their right of residence in the EU or have a parent who is an EU (non-UK) citizen
DOverseas/International fee rateInternational/Overseas fee rate applied as student does not meet criteria for a home rate of fee
EEU/EEA resident: Graduate Entry BVM&S and LLBGraduate Entry – BVM&S and LLB
IChannel Islands & Isle of Man fee rateResident in the Channel Islands & Isle of Man
LOnline Distance LearningOnline Distance Learning programme where one fee for all fee status categories
NUK fee rateUK national who is normally resident in UK (applies to PG students and UG students on programme before 01/08/2012 ) includes those with ‘settled’ status**
REngland/Wales/Northern Ireland fee rateUK national who is normally resident in England/Wales/N Ireland – includes ‘settled’ status**
SScotland fee rateUK national who is normally resident in Scotland – includes ‘settled’ status**
QQuery – tuition fee status to be establishedQuery – fee status to be determined
ZQuery – EU-EEA domicile to be establishedQuery – Scotland/EU or RUK* fee status to be determined

**‘settled’ status – have Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain in the UK or Right of AbodeCalculation of tuition fee statusWhen you apply to the University of Edinburgh we will attempt to calculate your tuition fee status based on the information you provide in your application about your nationality and country of domicile and you will be notified of your fee status immediately.You will receive notification of your fee status assessment in your account on the University’s MyEd portal. Please take time to check this information.Fee status questionnaire (FSQ)If we are unable to determine your fee status from the information provided, you will be given a fee status assessment of Q – Query-fee status to be determined or Z – Query-EU/EEA residence to be established. You will be asked to complete a fee status questionnaire and a link to the fee status questionnaire is sent to you via the MyEd portal.You can also complete a fee status questionnaire if you disagree with the initial fee status assessment.It is important that you complete an online fee status questionnaire as soon as possible after your application has been received and that you ensure you provide full information and supporting documentation to enable us to determine your fee status as quickly as possible.Fee status questionnaire FAQsFee status and your offer of admissionYour offer will be made on the basis of what we consider your fee status will be on the relevant date – this is 1 August if your programme of study starts in September. Therefore it is important that you query your fee status, if necessary, before you receive an offer.Undergraduate applicants should be aware of the following statement in the undergraduate terms and conditions: If the University makes an offer to an applicant, then the University later revises its assessment of the applicant’s fee status as at the relevant date, then the applicant’s UCAS application may be reassessed and the University’s offer may be withdrawn.Fee status review and appeals procedureIf you are dissatisfied with your fee status classification or your circumstances change in a way that may affect your fee status, you are entitled to request a review in writing to the address below. Reviews are handled by the Fees and Student Support Manager. In your review request you should make reference to the Education (Fees) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 to support the reasons for your request. We aim to review all fee status questionnaires within three working days of receiving a request, however at peak times this may not be possible.Reviews and appeals should be requested before you accept any offer of admission. If the University makes you an offer, then the University later revises its assessment of your fee status on the basis of information provided with your review or appeal request, your application may be reassessed and the University’s offer may be withdrawn.After you have received the outcome of your review, if you still disagree with our decision you may appeal in writing to Mr Robert Lawrie, Director of Student Administrative Services, who is responsible for handling the final appeal. This appeal should be made before you accept any offer of admission. You should clearly indicate how you believe an incorrect decision has been made, once again making reference to the Education (Fees) (Scotland) Regulations 2011. The Director of Student Administrative Services will review the case and inform the applicant of the decision in writing within seven working days.ContactIf you have any questions concerning your fee status, you should contact the Fees and Student Support Team.

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