University of Edinburgh Scottish Qualifications

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University of Edinburgh Scottish Qualifications

Entry requirements for applicants with Scottish qualifications.

SQA Highers and Advanced Highers

Our admissions policy has been reviewed in response to Curriculum for Excellence to ensure that it is flexible. However, we have specific requirements of students who are undertaking the Senior Phase.

Entry requirements for most of our programmes are four Highers at specified grades to be achieved by the end of S5. Where entry requirements have not been achieved by the end of S5, Highers in S6 may be used to meet requirements but the minimum grade requirement will increase. For example, where the minimum requirement is ABBB by the end of S5, the requirement will increase to AABB or ABBBB by the end of S6.

For Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, applicants must have achieved at least five Highers at the required grades by the end of S5 and will typically be required to achieve two Advanced Highers and a further Higher in S6.

It is essential that applicants are able to demonstrate ability to cope with the depth and volume of study that will be expected of them at Edinburgh. Therefore, in at least one year of the senior phase (S4-S6), applicants are required to achieve three or more Highers/Advanced Highers.

For example, one Higher achieved in S4 and three Highers achieved in S5 at the required grades would enable an applicant to enter the selection process. Whereas taking two Highers/Advanced Highers in each year from S4-S6 would not.

Please note that to be considered for an offer of a place to a small number of highly selective programmes, applicants must have achieved a minimum of BBB by the end of S5. Where this is required, it is noted in the entry requirements for the programme on the undergraduate degree finder.