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By | 1st June 2017

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University of Edinburgh Registry

Contact University of Edinburgh Registry listed below, organised by section.

Student Administration General Enquiries

Student Administrative Services0131 650
Fees and Student Support Enquiries (Fee levels*, SLC/SAAS funding, sponsors)0131 650
Bursary, Scholarship, and Financial Aid Enquiries0131 651
Timetabling/Room Booking
Societies Room Booking
*All enquiries relating to fee payment and invoices (Income Section, Finance Department)0131 650


Student Administrative Services


Director of Student Administrative Services

Robert Lawrie0131 651 4221SSFS.director

Departmental Office

Sheena Jenkins0131 650
Jane Herkes0131 650

Finance Manager

Jennifer Brown0131 650

Scholarships and Student Funding Services

Scholarships and Financial Support Team

Janet Edwards0131 650
Sharon Reid0131 651
Deborah Woolley0131 651
Daniel Berger0131 650
Jane Campbell0131 651
Roz Lewis0131 651

Fees and Student Support Team

Rhona Anderson0131 650
Geraldine Beattie0131 650
Karen Todd0131 650
Joanna Macpherson0131 650
Gemma Aitchison0131 650
Drew Howie0131 650
Claire Millar0131 650
James Yates0131 650

Student Information Point

All General and Student Enquiries0131 650

Student Information Point Team

Fiona Potts0131 650
Margaret Hurst0131 650
Vacancy0131 651 4072
Vacancy0131 651 4072
Dianne Henderson0131 650
Iain Dornan0131 650
Abbi Jenkins0131 650

Immigration Compliance

Immigration Compliance Team

Kate Monroe0131 651
Corinna Bremer0131 650
John Donoghue0131 651
Derval Tannam0131 651


Timetabling and Examination Services


Head of Timetabling and Examination Services

Scott Rosie0131 651


Examinations Team

Alison Ramsay0131 650
Adam MacDonald0131 650
James Slattery0131 650


Business and Reporting Analyst

Sabrina Fijalkowsk (currently on maternity leave)0131 650
Steph Ruthven0131 650

Estates Team

Ben Poots0131 651
Neal Beaton0131 651
Alli Coyle0131 651
Robert Garnett0131 651
Ruth Quigley0131 651

Timetables and Modelling Team

Amy Partridge-Hicks0131 651
Marianne Brown0131 651
Kathryn Fairfoul0131 650
Katherine Howes0131 651
Claire McIntyre0131 651
Anastasia Mezecka0131 651


Student Systems

Contact list for staff within Student Systems