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Key dates within the 2016/17 session to support the academic administrative cycle

If you wish to view the key dates noted on this page in a printable format, click on the file below:

2016-17 Key Dates v3 (108.63 KB PDF)

Semester 1

Welcome Week 2016/712 Sep 2016Welcome Week (begins 10th September);Deadline for communication of progression decisions to students (following outcome of resit diet)
01.19 Sep 2016Start of Teaching
02.26 Sep 2016Graduation application open for winter ceremony attendance
03.03 Oct 2016Cancel new students with no matriculation action (excluding PTUS, Research and ODL students);Cancel courses for new and continuing students who have not had attendance confirmed
04.10 Oct 2016
05.17 Oct 2016
06.24 Oct 2016Cancel or withdraw students who have failed to complete matriculation (excluding PTUS, Research and ODL students)Census point 24th-28th

Thursday 27th October: Exam timetable published

07.31 Oct 2016Friday 4th November at noon: Deadline for publication of PGT awards for winter graduation ceremonies by Schools
08.07 Nov 2016
09.14 Nov 2016
10.21 Nov 201623rd-29th November Graduations
11.28 Nov 201623rd-29th November Graduations
12.5 Dec 20168th-21st December Exams
13.12 Dec 20168th-21st December Exams
14.19 Dec 20168th-21st December Exams
15.26 Dec 201622nd December: 2016/7 Winter vacation begins
16.02 Jan 20172017 Winter vacation

Semester 2

Welcome Week Semester 209 Jan 201711th – 15th – Welcome for students commencing studies in January
18.16 Jan 2017Start of Teaching
19.23 Jan 2017Annual Data check via bulk email to students to check details held within record are accurate23rd – 27th – Tier 4 Census Point 2

Curriculum rollover (courses/DPTs)

Cancel courses for new and continuing students who have not had attendance confirmed

20.30 Jan 2017Wednesday 1st February: Semester 1 post-Board ratified course results entered into EUCLID by 5pm.
21.06 Feb 2017Cancellation of students who have not started matriculation (excluding PTUS, Research, ODL).
22.13 Feb 201717th February: DPS Rollover
23.20 Feb 2017Graduation ceremonies allocated to taught students in EUCLID
24.27 Feb 2017
25.06 Mar 2017Exam timetable published
26.13 Mar 2017
27.20 Mar 2017
28.27 Mar 2017End March – Graduation application form opens
29.03 Apr 20173rd April: Publish DRPS
30.10 Apr 201710th – 21st – Spring vacation
31.17 Apr 201710th – 21st – Spring vacation
32.24 Apr 2017Exam revision
33.01 May 20171st – 26th – Examinations
34.08 May 2017
35.15 May 2017
36.22 May 201726th: Examinations end
37.29 May 2017Wednesday 31 May: Graduation application deadline for students wishing to attend a summer ceremony
38.05 Jun 2017Friday 9th June: Ratified marks for Honours courses available in EUCLID following course boards (excluding MBChB and BVM&S)
39.12 Jun 2017Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th June: Joint Programme Board Dates (Honours)Friday 16th June: Noon deadline for publication of awards and course marks for all students who are planning to graduate in Summer 2017 (excluding MBChB and BVM&S)
40.19 Jun 201723rd – Ratified marks for non-Honours and PGT courses available in system following course boards.