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University Of Edinburgh Offers

University Of Edinburgh Offers

Our offer levels and what is required for conditional and unconditional offers.

Applicants who have met, or are predicted to meet, our minimum entry requirements are entered into the selection process. However, competition for most of our programmes is high and applications generally exceed the number of places available. Therefore not all applicants who enter the selection process will be made an offer.

Applicants who are made an offer of a place can normally expect to be required to achieve the typical entry requirement. This is because there are a limited number of offers we can make, and offers are normally made to the highest qualified applicants.

Where this may not be the case, and you may receive an offer at the minimum entry requirement, is:

  • if the numbers of applications and places available are broadly equal
  • if you are an international applicant for a subject other than medicine
  • if you are eligible to receive a contextual offer

Conditional and unconditional offersConditional offers are made on the basis of qualifications an applicant has already completed and/or qualifications which have still to be completed.

The actual conditions of an offer will be based on predicted grades, the specific subjects being studied and what we require for entry.

Unconditional offers are made on the basis of qualifications an applicant has already completed. If you receive an unconditional offer, we strongly advise that you continue to study for any qualifications noted on your UCAS application as incomplete.

We also advise you to notify the University if you decide to make any changes to your studies at school or college following receipt of an unconditional offer, as this may have a bearing on your preparedness for entry.


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