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About the University’s mail service.

The University Post Room locations are:

Building Phone
Old College 508008
James Clerk Maxwell Building 508600

Internal mail

University Porters deliver mail to all University buildings at no charge to the sending department. Where an internal envelope is not available, please mark the front of the envelope with D-/. This will identify the envelope as requiring internal delivery rather than external delivery.

External mailEvery department is allocated a departmental stamp which should be stamped on the back of the envelope being sent. This ensures not only that the cost of posting is recharged to the correct department, but also ensures that it is immediately dealt with as external rather than internal mail. All mail is processed second class via TNT unless clearly marked on the envelope first class, in which case it is processed via the Royal Mail.

If sending multiple envelopes, we would be grateful if all envelopes are stamped with the departmental stamp.

If you wish to request new, replacement or additional stamps, please contact the Senior Janitor at Old College on the link below;


All external mail is sent second class unless the envelope is marked otherwise. It is worth noting that costs are now related to envelope size as well as weight and departments can save money by folding A4 documents into A5 or DL envelopes where possible.

Further advise on size based pricing can be found at;

Bulk mail

Where a school plans to send bulk mail it is very helpful if contact is made with the relevant post room in advance. This allows extra staff to be deployed to ensure the mail is processed quickly.