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University of Edinburgh JCMBJ

University of Edinburgh JCMBJ

James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB) is the administrative and teaching centre of the School and is located within the University of Edinburgh’s King’s Buildings campus, situated about 2 miles south of the city centre.

Almost all undergraduate teaching in years two and above takes place here; some Astrophysics teaching takes place in the nearby Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.

JCMB houses the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics and the Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems.

Computers are located in room 3210 and the level 3 cafe.

Room 3210

  • 42 windows PCs
  • 1 accessible PC
  • Available for class bookings and exams


JCM Building cafe PCs
  • 25 cafe PCs

Software and services

  • 1 mono multi-function printer in room 3210
  • Accessible PC has adjustable height desk
  • Surface mounted sockets available on desks in room 3210
  • Limited software installed on cafe PCs, including Microsoft Office and web browsers


  • opening hours: 08.00 – 19.00

Disability statement

If you need assistance to evacuate a building in an emergency, please make sure you have a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) in place for this venue before using these facilities.


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