University Of Edinburgh Innovative Learning Week 2017

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University Of Edinburgh Innovative Learning Week 2017

Find out about our previous innovative learning activities and our new Festival of Creative Learning, including how you can get involved.

What was Innovative Learning Week?

Innovative Learning Week (ILW) was an annual festival which aimed to inspire, support, and celebrate creative learning at the University of Edinburgh through collaborative events and activities. The last ILW festival ran in February 2016 around the theme Ideas in Play.

You can read about this successful festival here:

Reflections on Innovative Learning Week

What’s next – the Festival of Creative Learning

The Festival of Creative Learning (FCL) is a festival focusing on creative learning and innovation at The University of Edinburgh. This evolved from the 5 year run of Innovative Learning Week at the university.

This year (2016/17) the festival  will comprise a programme of events and activities running throughout the academic year, along with a curated, week-long programme of events in February (20th – 24th February 2017). The Festival is supported by the Institute for Academic Development (IAD).

It’s a great opportunity to gain great skills, meet people from across the University, and realise your ideas in a supported and low-risk environment.

Semester dates for the 2016/17 academic year.

Semester 1

19 September – 21 December, 2016
10-18 September 2016Welcome Week
19 September 2016Semester 1 starts / Teaching block 1 starts
21 October 2016Teaching block 1 ends
24 October 2016Teaching block 2 starts
23-29 November 2016Graduations
2 December 2016Teaching block 2 ends
5-7 December 2016Revision
8-21 December 2016Examinations
21 December 2016Semester 1 ends
22 December 2016Winter teaching vacation starts
24 December 2016 – 3 January 2017University closed
13 January 2017Winter teaching vacation ends

Semester 2

16 January – 26 May, 2017
11-15 January 2017January Welcome
16 January 2017Semester 2 starts / Teaching block 3 starts
17 February 2017Teaching block 3 ends
20-24 February 2017Flexible Learning Week
27 February 2017Teaching block 4 starts
7 April 2017Teaching block 4 ends
10-21 April 2017Spring teaching vacation
24-28 April 2017Revision
1-26 May 2017Examinations
26 May 2017Semester 2 ends
29 May 2017Summer teaching vacation starts
3-10 July 2017Graduations
7-19 August 2017Resit examinations

Veterinary Studies undergraduate

Please note that the Vet School has slightly different semester dates to the rest of the University.