University Of Edinburgh Hardship Fund

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University Of Edinburgh Hardship Fund

Hardship Fund for non-UK students

The University provides limited emergency funding for students facing experiencing unexpected financial difficulties.

Limited additional assistance is available for fully-matriculated EU (non-UK) and Overseas students from the University’s Common Bursaries Fund who are ineligible to receive assistance from other UK Government sponsored funds.

You can apply to the University for an emergency award if you suddenly find yourself in financial difficulty due to unforeseen problems with your funding. This could be as a result of currency fluctuations or the unexpected withdrawal of funding support, for example. Awards can also be made from this Fund to help students suffering financial hardship due to ill health if this results in an authorised interruption of studies.

As these funds are extremely limited, the maximum award that can be made from the Hardship Fund is capped annually at £600 for a family, £400 for a couple and £200 for a single student.


The first step is to visit one of the EUSA Advice Places. Here you can pick up an application form and get advice on your eligibility and the application process from experienced and friendly staff.

EUSA Advice Places

EUSA Advice Places are located in Edinburgh at:

  • Students’ Association, Bristo Square
  • KB House, Kings Buildings, West Mains Road

Application form


Please make sure that you have filled out the form fully and that you supply photocopies of all the required documentation. Failure to do so could delay your application being processed. A list of the documents we require is on the application form.

You must make sure that the documents you supply with your application are photocopies as there is no procedure for original documents to be returned to you.