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University of Edinburgh Grade 10

Grade 10 equivalent for the award of salary points and Lump Sum Payments.

The Principal, Heads of College and Support Groups will be reviewing the pay of Grade 10 staff and the award of salary points during May and June.

Additionally this review will consider the award of lump sum payments to all staff on the Grade 10, ACT4, ACN4, AMT4, AMN4 and equivalent ECA salary scales.

Grade 10 and Equivalent Staff Salary Review 2017

Grade 10 and Equivalent Staff

Number of Awards

The number of awards available across the University is 176 incremental points and 58 lump sum payments.

Two separate guides are published below:


The Grade 10 Professorial Staff Guide applies to those on University Grade 10, including Grade 10 Academic Veterinary Clinical Staff and staff on equivalent XM grades for the award of increments and lump sum payments. The Guide applies, for lump sum payments only, to staff on ACT4, ACN4, AMT4 and AMN4 grades. Arrangements for those on ECA equivalent grades will be communicated direct.

The Grade 10 Staff Guide applies to Grade 10 professional/support staff.

Grade 10 Staff on Points 1 to 5 of the Salary Scale

A review of staff on Points 1 to 5 on the Grade 10 scale, who are eligible for progression through the scale, will also take place within the same timeframe, as detailed in the guides. Increments resulting from this progression review are not included in the number of available awards quoted above.

It is intended that the final decisions will be made and communicated by the end of July.

An Equal Pay Audit has been undertaken on the Grade 10 cohort and summary information is published below:

Equal Pay Audit Report (464.55 KB PDF)

Information on the actions being taken to reduce the gender pay gap can be found here:

Nomination Forms

Form A – Grade 10 Professorial, ACT4, ACN4, AMT4, AMN4 and equivalent XM and ECA grades Staff Review Nomination Form: