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University Of Edinburgh Geography

BSc Geography

UCAS code: F800

Duration: 4 years

Delivery: Full-time

School: GeoSciences

College: Science and Engineering

Study abroad

Year 1

You will study the compulsory courses Human Geography and Physical Geography, which introduce key geographic ideas. They focus on global economic, social and environmental problems and change.

You can also choose courses from other academic areas. BSc students will target courses that expand their scientific grounding while MA students often focus on humanities. The range of courses offered gives you a chance to try something new.

Year 2

You will take Fundamental Methods in Geography which includes a field trip to the Scottish Highlands. You will also take at least two from Economic & Political Geography, Environmental Sensitivity & Change, Social & Cultural Geography and Geomorphology. As in Year 1 you will have significant flexibiity in your option choices.

Year 3

You will focus on the aspects of geography that interest you most, Compulsory courses, Nature of Geographical Knowledge, Research Skills, and Research Design lead you through the process of planning independent geographical research for your dissertation in Year 4 and teach important transferable skills.

Field trips are also offered, with Athens, Cape Town and Wales among recent destinations. You will also choose option courses in geography.

Year 4

Your final year has a central focus on developing and producing your dissertation – your opportunity to produce an independent and original piece of geographical research. Your topic will be supervised by a member of academic staff operating at the research frontier of your chosen topic.

You will also choose three further optional geography courses, as in Year 3 being drawn from across the whole field of geographical research, and including fieldwork opportunities that, subject to demand, include Iceland, the Western Isles of Scotland, Berlin, or the Scottish Highlands.