University Of Edinburgh Entry Requirements

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University Of Edinburgh Entry Requirements

An explanation of our entry requirements and how to interpret them.

Our entry requirements are set to the academic standard we require and you should either:

  • have already achieved to be considered for an unconditional offer of a place of study; or
  • be capable of achieving, to be considered for a conditional offer of a place of study

Typical and minimum entry requirements

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Our entry requirements are normally expressed with an upper and lower level, for example, AAAA-ABBB for Scottish Highers, or AAA-ABB for A Levels. The upper level shows the typical entry requirement, for example AAAA for Scottish Highers, and the lower level shows the minimum entry requirement, for example ABBB.

Our minimum entry requirements are set at a level that ensures applicants have the skills and knowledge to successfully complete their programme.

All applicants who meet, or are predicted to meet, our minimum entry requirements progress to the selection process. However, competition for most of our degrees is high and demand for places generally exceeds the number of places available, so not all applicants who enter the selection process can be made an offer.

It is also a requirement of the University that applicants submit a fully completed UCAS application including a personal statement, reference and predicted grades. This information along with other factors are taken into consideration as part of the selection process in addition to qualifications. For more details please see our information on how we select applicants

Programme requirements

Although there is generally an overall typical and minimum entry requirement for each subject area, entry requirements are specific to, and can vary by, individual degree programme. For many programmes we will expect you to have studied specific subjects and to have achieved specific grades.