University Of Edinburgh Chemistry

University Of Edinburgh Chemistry

History of the School

Old CollegeThe teaching of Chemistry at Edinburgh began almost 300 hundred years ago in 1713 when James Crawford was appointed to the Chair of Physick and Chymistry.

We celebrated our Tercentenary in 2013.

At that time Chemistry was taught as part of courses on medicine and it wasn’t until 1844 and the appointment of William Gregory to the Chair of Chemistry that the subject truly stood apart from medicine at Edinburgh, though as you will discover many of Gregory’s predecessors were Chemists first and foremost. Crawford himself had advocated the separation of Chemistry and medicine, allowing the former to take its rightful place as a science in its own right and this attitude was common among all the professors in the early history of the department. You can read more about these remarkable men in our Professors section.

The department has occupied many sites in its history, from a house at the top of Robertson’s Close in the city centre, to purpose-built facilities in the central campus at Old College and the Medical school through to its current location at King’s Buildings. Each move has brought with it expansions in size and status until the department occupied the position it does now, as one of the world’s leading Chemistry teaching and research establishments.

Today the department carries on the proud traditions of Chemistry at Edinburgh both in teaching and research. Our collaboration with St Andrews to form EaStCHEM will strengthen research in Scotland and our commitment to excellence in teaching which began centuries ago will be carried on well into the future.


University of Edinburgh, Joseph Black Building, David Brewster Road, Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 3FJ.
Tel : +44 (0)131 650 7546, Fax : +44 (0)131 650 6453.

Key Contacts

School Administration

Head of SchoolProfessor Colin Pulham0131 650
PA to Head of School and Executive SecretaryMs Sharon Hawkes0131 650
Head of Physical SectionDr Philip Camp0131 650
Head of Organic SectionProfessor Guy Lloyd-Jones0131 650
Head of Inorganic SectionProfessor Jason Love0131 650
Head of Graduate SchoolDr Michael Shaver0131 650
School AdministratorAlison Richardson0131 650
School SecretaryMrs Rona Murdoch0131 650
Executive SecretaryCarolyn Newton0131 650
School Administrative OfficerMs Denise Wilson0131 650

School Finance

Finance & Research AdministratorSheryl Vickery0131 650
Finance OfficerMrs Moira Stewart0131 651
Finance Officer (Research)Ms Sheila McKay0131 651
Research Data and Finance OfficerJane Robertson0131 651

Research, Internationalisation, and Business Development

Director of ResearchProfessor Neil McKeown0131 650
Director of InternationalisationProfessor Neil Robertson0131 650
Business Development ExecutiveMr Stuart Duncan0131 651
IP Development ManagerDr Keith Finlayson0131 651

Chemistry Teaching Organisation (CTO)

CTO DirectorDr Philip Bailey0131 650
Academic AdministratorMs Linda Burns0131 650
Course SecretaryMrs Moira Wilson0131 650
Course SecretaryMrs Susan Maitland0131 650
Course SecretaryMs Claire Dickson0131 650
Course SecretaryMrs Anne Brown0131 650

IT Services

IT Services ManagerMr Jim Barclay0131 650
Support OfficerMr David Smith0131 650
Website and eLearning OfficerMr Michael Johnstone0131 650


Stores ManagerMr John Kenmure0131 650
Waste ManagementMr Tim Calder0131 650
Stores AssistantMr Mark Forrest0131 650
Stores AssistantMr Simon Cummings0131 650

Technical Services

Technical Services ManagerMr Phil McDonald0131 650
Deputy Technical Services ManagerDr Ron Brown0131 650
GlassblowerMr Stuart Johnstone0131 650
Mechanical WorkshopMr David Paden0131 650
Electronics WorkshopMr Donald Palin0131 650
Senior Teaching Lab TechnicianMr Donald Robertson0131 650

Public Engagement

Public Engagement and Outreach Co-ordinatorAnna-Maria Maciejuk0131 651
Royal Society of Chemistry Education Coordinator, North and East ScotlandDr Heather Milton0131 651
Public Engagement and Outreach Co-ordinator (on maternity leave)Dr Jenny Bos0131 651

Address and Phone Number

University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road
Tel: +44 131 650 7546
Fax: +44 131 650 6453