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University Of Edinburgh Acceptance Rate

Admissions statistics

Our statistics detail the numbers of applications we receive, what offers we make and the number of these offers that are accepted.

We hope this information will help you understand the level of demand for subject areas.

You should note, however, that as applicants can make up to five applications through UCAS, application figures can seem very high in some areas but applicants can only ever accept one offer.

With that in mind, the ‘offer chances’ are usually the most relevant figures to refer to.

Undergraduate admissions statistics

Admissions statistics for undergraduate UCAS applications made in the entry admissions cycles from 2012 – 2016.

To support you in making an informed decision about applying to the University of Edinburgh, we have provided statistics that show:

  • how many undergraduate applications we receive;
  • how many offers we make; and
  • how many students we accept.

Competition from highly qualified applicants for places on most of our programmes is high and applications generally exceed the number of places available. So that you can gain a better understanding of application and offer statistics relative to the programme(s) you are considering applying for, and your tuition fee status, statistics for entry in the most recent three years are broken down by subject area and by tuition fee status.

Offer rates and tuition fee status

Scotland and European union (EU)* students

The Scottish Government places strict limits on the number of ‘Scotland and EU’ students that Scottish universities can admit. This means that Scottish universities are limited in the number of offers they can make to Scotland and EU applicants.

Rest of UK (RUK) and Overseas (non-EU) students

There are no Scottish Government limits placed on the number of ‘Rest of UK’ students (students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland), and ‘Overseas (non-EU)’ students that Scottish universities can admit. This means that Scottish universities can make as many offers to rest of UK and overseas (non-EU) applicants as they have available places for.

Selection process and offer rates

Minimum entry requirements for the University of Edinburgh are the same for all applicants, regardless of their tuition fee status.

All applicants who meet our minimum requirements enter our selection process. However, due to Scottish Government policy which limits the intake of Scotland and EU students, competition for places can vary across different tuition fee status groups. This can result in variations in the offer rate (the percentage of applications that receive an offer) for different tuition fee statuses to the same subject area.

Variations in the number of applications to different subject areas and by different tuition fee status groups also affect offer rates. Additionally, the number of offers that are accepted by applicants varies and is linked to a number of things, including where applicants apply from. This also has a bearing on why offer rates may differ between different tuition fee status groups.

Admissions statistics

Total number of applications received 2012 – 2016 UCAS admissions cycles


Cycle Applications Offers Offer rate Acceptances
2012 46,934 18,068 39% 5,415
2013 47,122 18,056 38% 5,137
2014 55,294 21,044 38% 5,707
2015 57,019 22,225 39% 5,841
2016 59,058 23,151 39% 5,900