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4channer threatens Edinburgh copycat shooting after Oregon massacre

There is nothing to suggest the threat is genuine

A 4chan poster warned others to “keep checking the news” and to not go into Edinburgh University on Friday.

The post, made at around 10pm on Thursday night, said: “Hark my brothers, the Beta Uprising is finally here.

“Don’t to (sic) University of Edinburgh tomorrow.

“To all the normies viewing this, keep checking the news, you’ll see a lot of us on the news over the next few days.”

People have posted alerts on Facebook but no actual threat to student safety has been confirmed.

In a statement to The Tab, Police Scotland said: “”Police Scotland is investigating following reports of a communication posted to a website.  Enquiries into this communication are currently ongoing.”

A screenshot of the thread

A screenshot of the thread

One comment in the thread ominously said: “The blood of the normies must run.”

Another further down the page encouraged the individual to attack Central, and “spare Kings”, saying: “All the normies are in Central.”

Police revealed they were aware of the threat, had received multiple reports about the issue and are looking into it.

Some students are already planning to miss class.

A Reddit comment on the subject

The thread was made in relation to the recent shooting at an Oregon community college in America.

The “Beta Uprising” is a recurrent theme in some internet forums, essentially promoting violence, perpetrated by downtrodden men, or “betas”.

The Oregon shooting was believed by some to have been inspired by the “Beta Uprising”, emerging from the 4chan message board r9k, which is currently awash with pictures of the Oregon gunman.

Members of the community were promoting the Oregon massacre – with one giving advice on how to kill as many as possible.

Commenters on Reddit have expressed concern over the issue, with threads emerging immediately in forums for Scotland, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

4chan commenters celebrating the shooting at Oregon

4chan commenters react to the Oregon massacre

Talking to The Student, a member of the University of Edinburgh’s security team said: “Edinburgh University Security Section are aware of the possible threat towards The University on 2nd October 2015 and are dealing with it in accordance to our procedures and in liaison with Police Scotland.

“Please be assured the safety of our students and staff are a priority.”

Other commenters on Reddit threads were more bullish.