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University of Edinburgh 11 Plus Papers

11 Plus Practice Materials

Whilst in most selective schools the exam remains paper based, usually multiple choice format, there is a variety of mediums available for preparation of the exams.

Essentially, having determined the subjects your child will be tested on at the school(s) of your choice, as a parent you want to:

  • Initially find material as close to the exams as possible to assess the suitability for your child;
  • Find suitable Method and Techniques books to be able to assist your child;
  • Find suitable and relevant practice material addressing any weaknesses;


This is the most common type of practice material used for home study and most established tuition centres for the preparation of the 11plus exams. At last count there were over 500 publications providing age specific practice material, a guide for parents and pupils and guidance on appeals. Fortunately you do not need all of them!

The usual approach is to start with the purchase of the official familiarisation papers, which in most UK regions would be Granada Learning Assessments Practice Papers (also known as GL-Assessment and GLANFER or plain NFER). You cannot buy past papers by this examining body since they re-use the questions and hence only familiarisation papers are available. NFER, the National Foundation for Educational Research, was the body that wrote the entrance examinations for decades and was recently acquired by Granada Learning hence the name change.

These GL-Assessment practice packs currently contain four papers in each subject and there is no difference in the questions between the multiple choice packs and the standard (i.e. non-multiple choice) packs other than the way the question is answered. We are reliably informed that GL-Assessment will bring out a further four papers in each subject in February 2011.

Parents need to purchase GL-Assessment practice papers in the relevant subjects based on what the local schools test prospective students on and review the papers carefully. It is worth asking your child to attempt one or two papers just to gauge the suitability of the exams and to also use this as a benchmark going forward.