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England Summer School

11 to 17 years of age are among the most preferred options with a 20 minute short distance to London as a summer school addressed to students. The settlement, which has become one of London’s most modern cities in the last 15 years, can be tailor-made for your child.

The University of East London’s Dockland Campus with a view of the Thames River is as bright and spacious as the modern one. It is possible to get to the center of London from the metro station right next to the campus in a short time with metro lines leaving every 6 minutes.

Accommodation on the campus is in 6 dormitory buildings overlooking the River Thames. Students are accommodated in single rooms with private bathrooms. Six of these rooms are on a floor and have a common saloon and kitchen. The dormitories provide security services 24 hours a day and take great care of the safety of the students.

When cleaning common areas on Mondays and Fridays, the large cleaning of the rooms is finished before the arrival of the students. Apart from this, cleaning is done every two weeks throughout the program. These cleanings made before the students settled in and during the program do not cover the sweeping process with the electrical vacuum cleaner, dusting and cleaning of special bathrooms, except for changing the bedcover. Apart from these, students are obliged to vacate the rooms in their common areas.

Facilities and Facilities

Docklands is one of the campuses with summer school programs that has the highest number of facilities and the highest preference because of its proximity to the center.

The classes for students to study are on the ground floor and on the second floor with the campus located on the eastern rim. Most of the classes have audiovisual equipment and projectors.

Sports activities on campus, which have limited sports facilities, are generally held in local playgrounds. Used for games such as football and rounders, these parks will also make it easier for students to operate in the fresh air.

There are two large communal rooms that are used for evening entertainment. These rooms are the floating disco boat and Aqua Bar East. Depending on preference for evening entertainment, students may also go to other discos in the area.

There is a buffet on campus called The Edge, which serves self-service. Unfortunately, there is no Internet or computer use available on campus for students to use.

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