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University of East London Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Programmes

A Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) programme offers you the chance to prepare for teacher training by building up or refreshing your existing knowledge. SKE courses are available to those who would like to train to teach secondary mathematics, physics, chemistry, Spanish, computing, or design and technology (D&T).

University of East London Subject Knowledge Enhancement

If you feel you have the potential to be an excellent secondary specialist teacher but that you don’t have the right degree to teach a certain subject, our SKE programmes are designed to give you the depth of knowledge you’ll need to teach your chosen subject.

Our flexible programmes last up to 24 weeks and are aimed at those who have already been offered a conditional place on a postgraduate initial teacher training (ITT) course, subject to completion of an SKE programme.  As a minimum, our SKE programmes are the equivalent of eight weeks’ full time study. Some are longer depending on whether you need to top up your subject knowledge or need something more in-depth.

Depending on the individual programme, you can study all in one go as a full-time programme, or spread your studies over a longer period part-time, possibly through blended learning, evening sessions or weekends. There is also the option of parallel delivery when an SKE programme can’t be completed before your Teacher Training is due to start.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will continue on to initial teacher training at UEL or another training provider.

You should first apply to an ITT course. You can indicate on your ITT application form that you are interested in doing our SKE programme. You won’t have to pay for SKE; it will be confirmed as part of a conditional offer for ITT.

SKE trainees who have accepted a firm offer for September can apply for a bursary by completing the following SKE Teacher Training Bursary forms: