University of East London New Beginnings

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University of East London New Beginnings

At UEL we believe that people who have the potential to succeed at university should be given the opportunity to do so. New Beginnings is UEL’s intensive access course, designed to provide exactly this opportunity for mature and non-traditional learners looking for a second chance to study at university.

Successful New Beginnings students can progress onto a variety of degrees at the University of East London. These include, among others, Accounting, Business, Art and Design, Education, Childhood Studies, Health Studies, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Humanities, Psychology, Sociology and Sport & Exercise.

The course usually lasts for 12 weeks with attendance required for 3 hours per week plus weekly independent study. You may also be eligible for a bursary which will exempt you from the course fees. Apply now to start this April.

What you’ll learn

New Beginnings will help you to utilise the skills you have gained from your work and life experiences to prepare for studying at Higher Education. You will also develop new skills, including how to:

  • be an effective learner
  • read analytically
  • think critically
  • research academic topics
  • write academic essays
  • use academic conventions to acknowledge sources of information
  • work in a group
  • give academic presentations.