University of East London Islamic Society

By | 29th May 2017

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University of East London Islamic Society

University of East London Islamic Society

The Islamic Society aims to bring around the islamic environment around the campuses keeping people connected with the faith. We organise the regular friday prayers and the regular daily prayers in congregation across the prayer rooms in the campuses as well as organising monthly events, campaign and schemes.

We organise talks bringing in scholars and guest speakers giving general advise aimed at university students and campaigns such as ‘Justice Week’ and ‘Charity Week’.

At the same time we also extend our warm hands towards other societies and faiths ready to invite them to our religion and building strong working relationships.

Supporting UEL students

As a student at UEL you’re automatically a member of the Students’ Union. Your membership to the Union is free and it brings with it lots of opportunities for you to get the most out of your time at university. The Students’ Union is here to make your life at university the best it can possibly be. We do this by making sure that your voice is heard by the university, and defend UEL students’ rights on a regular basis. We support student Programme Reps, who feed back to university departments to increase the quality of education on behalf of students on their course. We help students to set up societies and groups and train and support them for their extra-curricular ambitions, making sure that the campus is vibrant with student-led events and activities. All of these opportunities including running societies, being a student representative and others will enhance students skills and look great on your CV, but you can also have a great time doing it. The Students Union lobbies the university on behalf of students to ensure that students get the best possible deal, but we also work with the university on joint projects such as organising a fantastic Freshers Week in September and other events through the year. Additionally to this, the Students Union supports individual students when you’ve run into an issue involving your studies. If you need to extend a coursework deadline or you can’t make it to an exam, come to the Students Union and our Casework staff will be able to give you advice and help you through the process.