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University of East London Interior Design

MA Interior Design

The aim of this 12-month Master Program is to engage you in creative and experimental processes and to enhance your ability to grasp complex design ideas. The program has a clear hands-on approach which aligns with the ‘making’ ethos of the School. Live projects, competitions and field trips make this program a unique life-changing experience.

Design of any scale responds to – and in parallel leads – cultural and social change. Our everyday living changes rapidly. The changing demographics, the emergence of new technologies, shift the way in which we inhabit, use and share spaces. What is the role of design in the rapidly changing contemporary conditions? What is the office space of the future like? What is the library of the future? What is the shop of the future? Through our MA in Interior Design program we address some of the above questions in a rigorous, experimental and creative manner. Through a fun and hands-on approach we will debate and challenge one another on some of the most current and ‘hot’ design related questions.

University of East London Interior Design, MA

(1) The Course will include a number of thematic projects and seminars each year, including:

  • Retail design – Exhibition design – Lighting design – Stage set design – Home interiors
  • Material studies
  • Art and art processes in interior design
(2) Through our extensive links with practices, design studios and a range of relevant industries, you will get exposed to a professional cutting edge environment. Our ambition is that you become leaders of the design of tomorrow.
(3) ‘Serious Play’: Exceptional design comes through rigorous research and genuine experimentation. Studios and workshops buzz with energy and constructive debates.That’s the ethos we cultivate in our studio. Learning through doing: You will be involved in creative hands-on processes, you will develop your own identity as a designers and you will develop an exceptional design portfolio to make your dream-job come true.