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Our International Recruiter for China, Autumn Szeliga, is happy to help you with any questions you have about UEL. You can contact her directly using any of these channels:

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8223 2418

– WeChat ID: AutumnSzeliga

QQ: 3224356889 (Autumn UEL)

How to apply

Thinking of applying as an international student? Watch these videos below to help you through the journey.

Making the Right Choice

Hear from UEL Graduate, Stefan Nielson before you start your application

International Scholarships

Ways to apply:

  • Direct from this site (free of charge)
  • Common App (for undergraduate North Americans)
  • UCAS

2. Filling in Your Application

Top tips for writing a great personal statement. More guidance when applying as an international student

3. Receiving Your Offer

Don’t forget to apply for:

International Scholarships
Sports Scholarships

UCAS applicants: check your UCAS portal regularly. Direct/ Common App applicants: check your emails regularly

4. Accepting Your Offer

Don’t forget to:

• Apply for accommodation
Pay your deposit or submit your guarantee letter from your sponsor (if you are Federal Aid/Sponsored)
• Fill out your Students Reply Form

5. Understanding CAS

CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). If you’ve not received your CAS, you may have further assessments to complete. Please refer to video 6 for more information.

6. Further Assessment

Visit our student immigration and compliance pages for more information

Read up on:

Applying for a visa
Maintenance Requirements
Supporting Documents

7. Nearly There

Get ready to have an extraordinary life at UEL!

Stay connected for updates:


Get ready for your induction week