University of East London Degree Apprenticeships

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University of East London Degree Apprenticeships

University of East London Degree Apprenticeships

UEL is at the forefront of universities offering apprenticeship degrees, working with national and local employers to give individuals pioneering opportunities to ‘earn and learn’.

Degree apprenticeships are new

  • They offer an alternative route to higher education for those who would prefer to start employment
  • The individual does not apply direct to the university but instead finds a job with an employer who is recruiting degree apprentices.
  • The employer and government meet the tuition fees. This means the graduate apprentice can be debt-free.
  • They provide the opportunity for employers to grow their own talent in professional roles either by upskilling existing employees or by engaging new staff as apprentices.
  • Apprentices gain a full Bachelor’s (Level 6) or Master’s degree (Level 7) and several years of work experience at the same time.
  • Study at UEL fits around the job commitment and is agreed with the employer.
  • Designed with Trailblazer companies, UEL’s apprenticeship degrees provide not only high quality academic learning but also ensure that graduates are highly skilled professionals with transferable skills for lifelong employability.

UEL’s degree apprenticeship scheme focuses on sectors where there are skills shortages. Programmes are offered for the following degree apprenticeships:

If you are interested in taking an apprenticeship degree, you need to be employed. We are working with our employer partners to bring you news of their vacancies, so please watch this space.

If you are an employer and would like to partner with us or find out more about our degree apprenticeships programme, please email: