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University of East London Counselling Psychology

Prof Doc Counselling Psychology

This course is particularly suited to students interested in undergoing professional training that will equip them for employment as a clinician in the NHS, the voluntary sector or in private practice.

Our typical applicant is someone who already has experience in working in the mental health sector and understands about working with people.

We will encourage you to develop a flexible, reflective and critical approach to counselling theory, research and practice.

The course involves a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, seminars and workshops

You will be required to be on placement throughout your training and to have successfully completed 450 hours of one-to-one supervised clinical practice by the end of the course.

Training placements are crucial to your learning and the development of your clinical competence and confidence, so we aim to enhance your student experience by liaising regularly with your placement managers and supervisors.

University of East London Counselling Psychology

(1) This three-year, full-time Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology is designed to give you the experience and the necessary skills to pursue a successful, ethical and useful career in the NHS, the voluntary sector or private practice. Throughout the training, there is an emphasis on the development of qualities, competences and transferable skills required in the current job market.

(2) Grounded in the standards for doctoral courses in Counselling Psychology, according to British Psychological Society (BPS) and Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) requirements, our course has three main principles; critical thinking, relational perspectives and integration. These principles underpin our approach to research and therapeutic work, and its relevance to contemporary clinical contexts.
(3) You will develop skills and experience in contemporary therapeutic approaches through supervised clinical practice in a range of placement contexts and the support of clinically experienced tutors.