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Tender Opening Procedure

Policy Policy

The University’s Procurement Policy requires ‘sealed bid tenders’ to be obtained for all proposed purchases of Goods and Services, where the estimated value is in excess of £25,000. Funding Bodies may require the ‘sealed bids’ procedure to apply at lower values. The following procedure is to ensure that all Spending Units adopt a uniform process in the receipt, opening and recording of tenders.

Invitation to Tender Invitation to Tender

Invitations to Tender should clearly state the address and reference to be quoted on the return envelope, together with the closing date and time for receipt of tenders.

If the tender return date is subsequently extended, all tenderers must be advised, by e-mail, or in writing of the revised date and time and the Return Label altered accordingly.

Receipt of Tenders Receipt of Tenders

On receipt, tender envelopes must NOT be opened in the normal post. Envelopes should be stamped with the date of receipt and stored in a secure cupboard, drawer or safe. If a tender is accidentally opened, it should be re-sealed and a note made on the envelope of the action taken.

See under ‘Exceptional Actions’ for circumstances where faxed, telephoned or e-mailed tenders may be considered.

Tender Panel Tender Panel

The Head of Spending Unit will appoint a person to be responsible for convening a tender opening panel. This person will be independent of the contract award and ordering process (eg School Administrative Officer).

The tender panel shall, as a minimum, include the above-mentioned person or deputy (who should be independent of the contract award and ordering process) and the person inviting tenders. Where central services are inviting tenders on behalf of other Spending Units, the client Spending Unit should also be invited to send a representative.