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Study and Work Abroad Study and Work Abroad

We facilitate global mobility for UEA, managing an exciting an exciting portfolio of study abroad programmes for both incoming and outgoing students through 180 global partnerships.

Incoming visiting students study with us for one semester, a full year, or for a short course, with academic credit transferable to the home institution. Programmes are available through inter-university exchange (including Erasmus+) and independent enrolment as a summer, semester or year-long fee payer. Our special programmes include Dickinson College, IFSA Butler, Study Abroad With English, and customised short courses organised for groups from partner institutions.

Many UEA students can participate in outgoing study and work placements across the globe of one semester or a full year. Opportunities abroad enhance the academic experience, and studies show this experience increases employability prospects.

Outgoing Students

Study and work abroad with UEA Study and work abroad with UEA

For over 30 years, UEA has managed an extremely active exchange programme. We maintain long-standing study exchange links with more than 160 outstanding universities* across the globe.

Spaces available for the following academic year are provided at the Year Abroad meeting held during the first semester of your second year of study (or during semester 2 of your 1st year for single semester students). Please note that space available varies annually.

The benefits of studying and working abroad with UEA

Learning and working in another country may seem like a daunting idea, but there are plenty of reasons why it’s such a great thing to do.

  • Enhance your personal development by experiencing new people and cultures
  • Learn valuable skills that benefit your career, including foreign languages
  • Get ahead in the job market by standing out to prospective employers
  • Broaden your horizons and discover more about yourself!

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