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Rowing is one of UEA’s most successful sports, and is always on the lookout for new recruits. We train long and hard but have a lot of fun alongside. Membership is open only to members of the University of East Anglia.

Rowing is a challenging sport both physically and mentally. It requires a substantial time commitment with top crews training 6 days per week thoughout the year. It involves early mornings and a strong mentality as you are constantly pushed to improve individual performance in the gym and team performance on the water. It is without doubt the most rewarding of all sports, fosters close family-esque bonds between squad members and gives you a pretty amazing body and guaranteed the first tan of the year.

Water training takes place in all weathers on the River Yare, and racing takes place year round on rivers and lakes across the country. We compete against universities, local clubs and schools in all the major events.

If you are looking for something that will truly test you, and that will give back to you as much as you put in, then rowing is the sport for you. Not all great rowers were great sportspeople at school – we value stamina, mental toughness, strength, height, technical aptitude and competitiveness, some of which are genetic endowments but others of which can be learned and cultivated.

We run Learn to Row programmes for those who are new to the sport, leading to the subsequent formation of novice men’s and women’s sqauds. The senior squads are always on the lookout for experienced oarspeople to join us, and will be racing at all the main events throughout the year.

Rowing is one of the most successful sports at UEA and as such is one of the few ‘focus sports’ receiving extra support from the Union of Students in recognition of the commitment and dedication of its committee and membership.



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Union Awards:
Outstanding achievement in a sports club 2012
Progress as a sports club 2011