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Grab your broomsticks: quidditch comes to UEA

Due to the efforts of a few determined students, J.K Rowling’s fictional sport is now a reality at UEA.

The University of East Anglia is currently one of the few UK universities to have an active Quidditch team.

Originating in America in 2005, “Muggle Quidditch” is a growing phenomenon across the globe, and the UEA team goes by the name of “The Norwich Nifflers”. Despite initial membership and subsequent committee doubts, nearly 60 people attended first training session last Sunday, and the society presently has 30 full members.

Future plans include inter-house cups and matches against fellow universities. Additionally, a Derby Day match could be on the horizon. President of the society, Ellie Reynard said: “We’re keen for people to come along and try it out before they commit, as it’s a lot more intense than it sounds.”

The game is for anyone who has the stamina and guts to run around the grounds of UEA with a broomstick between their legs. Reynard concluded that: “Muggle Quidditch is every Harry Potter geek’s fantasy made real.”


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Started in 2012, UEA Quidditch is the most unique society on campus. Combining fantastic nerdom with sport the Norwich Nifflers is the only society you’ll be needing this year. If you’re a bit wary of actually playing quidditch, we also do plenty of Harry Potter related socials, so if you’re not keen on running about we have plenty to offer apart from simply playing quidditch!

Nominated for Best New Society and winner of Outstanding Achievement by a Society in its very first year of existence, this is not a society to miss out on.