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Welcome to the Media Room Welcome to the Media Room

The award-winning UEA Communications Office provides research news and expert comment to media outlets across the globe. We arrange interviews with leading academics following the publication of research or as breaking news emerges – hosting satellite news crews and documentary teams on campus and operating our own ISDN studio.

The Media Room is a tool for journalists to request expert comment, receive the latest UEA news, find useful statistics, or get in touch with the team. For all media enquiries please contact / +44 (0)1603 593496 or visit the Meet the Communications Team page.

Media Experts


Will Trump be the new Reagan for evangelicals?

WHO: Dr Emma Long

“American evangelicals would be well advised to pay less attention to Trump’s words than his actions.”

Christian evangelicals to welcome Trump into the flock

WHO: Prof Lee Marsdem

““Trump may not be an evangelical but he is a darling of the movement and addressing graduates at the world’s foremost evangelical university recognises a mutual dependence.”

Comey termination echoes dictators Trump admires

WHO: Dr Michael Frazer

“It is also disturbing how Trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for dictators who eliminate their opponents even more ruthlessly then he has.”

US air strikes on Syria risk being an empty gesture

WHO: Dr Kate Ferguson

“…without a comprehensive strategy to curtail Assad’s crimes and bring peace…a night of limited airstrikes will hang in history as an empty gesture that failed to save lives…”

EU using Gibraltar as leverage against the UK

WHO: Ms Marián Arribas-Tomé