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BSc Meteorology and Oceanography

This unique degree gives you the chance to learn how both the atmosphere and the oceans work and interact. No other UK university offers this subject combination, but the two disciplines are equally important in understanding the Earth’s climate system and our impact upon it.

The course is taught jointly by our Environmental Sciences and Mathematics departments, both of which are highly ranked for research – 1st for impact and 7th for quality in the UK respectively – so you’ll benefit from our academics’ diverse and world-class expertise.

The degree incorporates extensive field courses that will expose you to advanced scientific instruments, compulsory modules that lay the scientific foundations for understanding the environment, and a wide range of optional modules that enable you to focus on different themes. You’ll also undertake an independent research project in your final year to bring all of your training together.


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The University of East Anglia is currently the only University in the UK where it is possible to study these two specialist subjects side-by-side in a combined degree format. The course is designed to provide you with an insight into how the atmosphere and oceans work and interact. This approach gives you a detailed understanding of the Earth’s climate system, alongside the impact of human society on the atmospheric and oceanic systems.

Because the degree programme is taught jointly between the Schools of Environmental Sciences and Mathematics, you will have an opportunity to choose from a range of module options, enabling you to pursue either a wide portfolio of subjects or specialisation in a particular area.

Two week-long field courses provide you with valuable hands-on experience designing experiments and working with scientific instrumentation. You will also benefit from our own in-house weather forecasting company, “WeatherQuest”, which provides valuable teaching support and an opportunity to spend a week working in order to gain commercial awareness of the meteorological industry.