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By | 31st May 2017

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Giving your child the best start in life Giving your child the best start in life

UEA Nursery is a full day care Nursery offering the highest quality standards for babies and children from three months until starting school. We can give your child the best start in life in both care and education.

The Nursery was graded as ‘Outstanding’ in every category of its latest Ofsted inspection carried out in January 2016.

Your child’s development is important to us. Through play, your child will experiment and try new things, make decisions, work things out, share with others and have fun while learning.

Our care and education is based on the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have a flexible approach to children’s development and learning, knowing that young children grow and learn in different ways and at varying rates. Young children gather information from a wide range of sources and interpret this most effectively when they are actively engaged in play in which they are allowed to experiment confidently.

We work to ensure that your child is cared for in the best possible environment with highly qualified staff. Safe and secure, our purpose built Nursery has friendly, homely rooms in which to play and have fun.

The large outside play spaces are designed so that all children can have access to the outside safely from their own rooms.

A Helping Hand

We have a holistic approach to children’s learning and development. We have a holistic approach to children’s learning and development.

It is not easy to describe a typical day as each day brings its own challenges and joys. When planning, staff build on what each child already knows in order to develop their curiosity and interest.

Activities include singing, yoga, music and movement, cookery and dance sessions.

The children enjoy outings around the Campus and further afield to, for example, the Castle Museum, Library and Banham Zoo.

UEA Nursery is involved in ‘Every Child a Talker’ (ECAT), a national programme which focuses on strengthening children’s early language development. Language development is at the heart of what a child learns at our Nursery.

A child’s ability to develop language depends on being immersed in a rich environment of words, sounds, rhythm and verbal and non-verbal expression from birth.

ECAT is about helping us create a developmentally appropriate, supportive and stimulating environment where children, from babies upwards can enjoy experimenting with and learning language, and improve their communication and social skills.

In November 2011 we were delighted to be the first recipients of the ‘Shine a Light 2011 Hello Campaign Award’ run by The Communication Trust and Pearson Assessment. This is the first national award scheme to focus on children and young people’s communication.

Several of the Nursery staff are qualified to British Sign Language Level 1. We use BSL throughout the Nursery.

The Nursery is also involved in a sensory project run by Norfolk County Council. This will enable children with sensory impairment and/or additional needs and disabilities to:

  • be supported in their learning through play
  • experience inclusive play using the same equipment as other children
  • extend their abilities to respond, initiate and interact with learning activities

Our Outside Environment

An outside area with space to move and freedom for activities An outside area with space to move and freedom for activities
The children have access to a variety of equipment for physical activities such as a multi-purpose activity centre, bikes, scooters and balancing apparatus.

The children are involved with gardening and growing their own vegetables.

We are very fortunate to have our own woodland Forest School site which is used by all the children throughout the Nursery. We have 2 Level Three Forest School Leaders and run weekly Forest School sessions for all the three and four year olds.

The ethos of Forest School is to enable children the freedom to play and investigate the natural environment around them, encouraging them to explore social interaction, risk assessment and a range of emotions. ‘Children and young people are given encouragement to direct their own learning.’ (Forest School Training Company Website, 2012) Forest School concentrates on how children learn rather than the content of the learning and enables leaders to support children through independent decision making to direct their own learning. Forest School Leaders use methods of observation to track children’s progress and to scaffold learning opportunities to further individual children’s journeys.

What Do We Eat?

Our aim is to make meal times comfortable and social occasions Our aim is to make meal times comfortable and social occasions

We have an excellent Chef who prepares all meals and snacks on the Nursery premises and we offer an exclusively vegetarian menu.

We have a two week rolling menu that changes seasonally. Snacks are served twice a day.

Week 1 The morning snack is a selection of cereals
Monday Basil and tomato penne with cucumber and tomato salad

Parsnip and orange cake

Bagels with cream cheese
Tuesday Tomato and mozzarella tart with roasted new potatoes

Chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce

Cheese and egg rolls


Wednesday Cheese and potato pie with quorn sausages and baked beans

Mixed fruit and ice-cream

Cheese muffins, crudities and hummus


Thursday Gnocchi with tomato sauce and garlic bread

Viennese slice with cream

Soup with croutons


Friday Vegetable tagine with cous cous
Fruit yoghurt
Mini cheese and mushroom pizza with spaghetti hoops


Week 2 The morning snack is a selection of cereals
Monday Cowboy pie and sweetcorn

Fruit yogurt

Filled rolls


Tuesday Vegetable chilli with rice

Sultana sponge and vanilla sauce

Cheese on toast


Wednesday Squash and mushroom lasagne  with garlic bread

Strawberry trifle

Thursday Cheese and tomato pizza with mixed salad and baked beans

Mixed berry cheesecake

Cheese and herb scones with crudities


Friday Macaroni and broccoli cheese with carrots

Orange jelly and ice-cream

Cheese and salad wraps


Contact Us

We are happy to hear from both existing and prospective customers. We are happy to hear from both existing and prospective customers.

We regret that we are currently unable to accept any further applications for 2017/2018 academic year, in any of the age groups, due to the high volume of applications already received.

UEA Nursery 01603 592884 or email on