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MBBS Medicine

Attendance  Full Time  Award

Degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery


About this course

Studying Medicine at Norwich Medical School means that you will join an exceptional group of medical students studying in a thriving student-centred learning environment where students and staff share a passion for making a positive difference to peoples’ lives.

Being a doctor is a privileged position which has at its heart a real and deep-seated vocation to help people. It’s a demanding and challenging profession but very rewarding. Our course focuses on relating your learning to real life, using scenarios and clinical problems from patients, with an emphasis on developing your practical experience as well as your theoretical knowledge from the start.

At Norwich Medical School we believe in learning in context. From the very first weeks of our course, your time is spent every week in clinical practice, ensuring that you are able to apply your learning to patients in the same week.


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Our course has been carefully designed in conjunction with and has been approved by the General Medical Council.

Highlights of Medicine at Norwich Medical School:

  • Experience learning with and from patients from the very first month of your course
  • Explore anatomy linked to clinical practice in our anatomy facility, including undertaking dissection
  • Varied range of clinical placements on acute wards, specialist units and in general practice
  • Link theory with practice using small-group teaching, within primary care and Problem-Based Learning – a proven way to learn
  • Learn in facilities such as our awarding-winning Bob Champion Research and Education Building (opposite the university hospital)
  • Learn the art of communication through our excellent consultation skills programme supported by dedicated tutors and actors, enabling you to develop your consultation skills from year one to your final attachment
  • Take part in regular group work with students from a range of health disciplines.