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International Recruitment, International Programmes and Study AbroadThe University’s international activities are supported by various departments, but most obviously the International Office, which sits within the ARM service area. The office works closely with the VCO, the International Dialogue Groups, and others across the University to plan and deliver strategies to enhance UEA’s global reputation, including new academic partnerships and profile raising events and initiatives. You can find a copy of the International Strategy here.

Our office works both nationally and internationally to recruit the brightest and best international students to the entire portfolio of courses at UEA, including undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes as well as for short-term study abroad as part of our Study Abroad programmes. We also offer the International Summer School, a suite of 20 credit units available in July and host many groups for bespoke summer schools and courses throughout the year. We are equally responsible for ensuring the highest possible progression rates of international students from the INTO UEA Centre to full degree courses in Norwich.

Our team covers 3 key areas: International Recruitment and Progressions, International Programmes and Study Abroad, and International Reputation and Engagement, all of which are overseen by the Head of International, Karen Blackney.

International Recruitment and Progressions

We actively recruit international students across a number of key countries (excluding the EU).  For example, we attend lots of different events overseas such as education fairs, as well as school and university visits.  We also work with a wide network of educational agents, manage our International Student Ambassador scheme, and assist with the processing and conversion of applications.

Staff based at INTO UEA assist INTO UEA students with application and progression to both full-degree and short-term study abroad courses at UEA.  We work with both Schools of study to showcase and recruit to their various courses and with admissions colleagues during the release of exam results to provide personal advice to students. Furthermore, we carry out activities related to the recruitment of international students based within the UK.

Collaborative International Programmes Office

Study Abroad and Exchange