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Introduction Introduction

Nick RaynsThis is an attempt to list all the events that the Students Union organised over the last 50 plus years.

I was inspired to research and compile the list following the sudden loss of Nick Rayns in April 2013 (pictured right). Nick was my friend and colleague for 34 years and, in my opinion, headed the finest gig programme of any Student Union in the country.

I’m aware that the list below doesn’t include the hundreds of charity events, Thursday LCRs, Club Retros, Tuesday fancy dress nights, Beat Pharmacy, Skool Daze, Brighton Rocks, Now 90s, the Other Ones, poetry readings, band competitions, dance Shows and plays.

But hopefully some of your highlights and memories are here.

To the best of my knowledge everything is correct, but I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has further information.

Gavin HudsonContact: Gavin Hudson (

Union House, UEA

View list of gigs 1963 to present View list of gigs 1963 to present

UEA students in 1960s


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The Smiths performing at UEA


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View list of gigs





A band


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Guess That

2010 – 2016

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Photo Credits: Cover and 1963-1979 Dave Guttridge; 1980-1989 Trevor Benbrook; 200 onwards Andy Sapey

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Gigs at UEA

UEA’s gigs have been part of the fabric of life in our region for decades. Organised by the Student Union and open to the public, some of the biggest names in music have played UEA and the Nick Rayns’ LCR. For thousands of people those UEA gigs hold great memories, not-so-great memories and even gigs that can barely be remembered. We’ve been delving through our archives to look at some key gigs and their impact.

Why not share your memories with us?

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