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BSc Environmental Earth Sciences

This degree gives you an understanding of the solid Earth alongside the societal consequences of its processes – including volcanoes, earthquakes and floods. You’ll explore the interaction of human society and the solid Earth using geology, geography, social science and the core sciences, with the opportunity to focus on areas that really interest you.

Our vast research expertise ensures we can provide world-class teaching on a huge range of topics and our international reputation ensures UEA graduates are highly sought after. We’re rated first in the UK for the impact of our research (REF 2014), demonstrating the crucial role we play in influencing both the scientific community and environmental policy makers.

You’ll be given a foundation in research skills, biodiversity and sustainability in your first year before specialising in your second and third years. A huge range of modules are available including Shelf Sea Dynamics and Coastal Processes, Low Carbon Energy and Geophysics.


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Environmental Earth Sciences takes an integrated approach to studying the solid Earth. By studying the BSc Environmental Earth Science, you will have the opportunity to explore the inter-relationships between the solid Earth and all aspects of its environment, including political, economic and social issues. You will use principles of geology, physical geography, chemistry, biology, maths and social science to investigate how the solid Earth affects human society and how human society impacts on the solid Earth.

Graduates in Environmental Earth Sciences from UEA are in great demand within the industry because of the reputation of our School of Environmental Sciences. The School is held in high esteem in the wider geosciences community for the high levels of laboratory, field and transferable skills that our students acquire during the course. We also pride ourselves on offering our students a flexible and adaptable degree programme, as conventional subject boundaries are dissolved in order to give you an integrated learning experience.