University of East Anglia Fees 2017

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University of East Anglia Fees 2017

University of East Anglia Fees 2017

Tuition Fees and Other Charges

Tuition fees for 2016/17 Tuition fees for 2016/17

follow the relevant links below for the tuition fees tables for 2016/17:

Home / EU Fees Table 2016/17 

Overseas Fees Table 2016/17

Home/EU Undergraduate Tuition Fees 2017-18

Subject to the approval of parliament, Home/EU undergraduate tuition fees in 2017-18 will be £9,250.

A full fees table for 2017-18 can be found below:

Home / EU Fees Table 2017/18

Overseas Fees Table 2017/18

Notice on Annual Fee Increases

Please note that tuition fees increase annually for all students (Home/EU undergraduate fees, whose rates are regulated by the UK government, will be amended in line with any alteration advised by the UK government). The fee rates listed above are for the most recently published year of entry only. For subsequent years of study please assume a 3% inflationary increase year-on-year.

Why Do Fees Increase Annually?

The fees rise each year to allow for a combination of factors, and the rise will not necessarily be the same as the rate of inflation. This is because inflation is just one of many factors considered when setting the UEA’s annual fee policy.

Fee Status Forms

Fee Status Form Guidance for Applicants

Fee Status Form 1 – UK EU Nationals absent from the EEA

Fee Status Form 2 – Nationals born outside EEA, now residing in the EU


The Planning Office is responsible for the recommending of tuition fees and advising on fees policy and strategy, and the management of the fees billing systems. We are also responsible for offering guidance on the assessment of the fee status of applicants/students.

All matters regarding the payment of fees, e.g. issuing of invoices, instalment or direct debit arrangements are dealt with directly by the Finance Division.

Useful Links

Fee Liability Cut Off Dates 2016-17

Financial Support Information and Regulations 2016-17

Historic Tuition Fees Tables