University of East Anglia Entry Requirements

By | 22nd May 2017

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University of East Anglia Entry Requirements

University of East Anglia Entry Requirements

Find out more about the qualifications needed before applying to the UEA

Policy Statement on A Level and GCSE Reform.

A levels and AS levels

Our minimum General Entry Requirement is that all  A-level students should hold at least five GCE/GCSE passes, including two at GCE A-level.

We normally require candidates to have passes in at least three A-levels or their equivalent, and we may require specific subjects for certain courses.  We recognise that since 2015  English students may be studying a mixture of old and reformed AS and A-levels, but we are not distinguishing our offers between modular or linear.

We will not disadvantage a student who does not carry a fourth AS-level.  At results time, if a student fails to meet the entry requirements, we will pay particular attention to any additional qualifications, the type of A-level undertake, and qualification policy of the School, the GCSE performance, predictions, references and personal statement.

Revised Science  A levels

Where a Science A Level subject has a practical element, we will require a pass.  If you are given a conditional offer, we should state this requirement.  If you do not pass the practical element, we will reassess your application, taking into account your results, personal statement and reference.

GCSE reform in England

UEA is reviewing our GCSE policy on an annual basis as more subjects in England are moved to the revised programme, with the numeric grading system.  We anticipate that we may see a small number of students presenting with the reformed GCSEs in 2017.  We also recognise that many students will be wanting to use their GCSE results as a guide for A Level choices. At UEA we require students to achieve a Grade C or Grade 4 in GCSE English, and GCSE Mathematics for matriculation purposes.  However, some of our courses require a higher grade at GCSE.

If a student is required to achieve a Grade B at GCSE we will be asking for a Grade 5.

If a student is required to achieve a Grade A at GCSE We will be asking for a Grade 7.

Where we have a subject specific requirement for a GCSE we will show the subject and grade required on the Course requirements page.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

UEA recognises the importance of this qualification and the value it places on independent research.  As well as giving you the opportunity of applying for our ‘Bright Spark’ Scholarship in 2017 we will give you an alternative offer, including the EPQ, alongside the standard offer.  Applicants who present with the EPQ can achieve one grade lower on the A Levels if an A Grade is achieved in the EPQ.  Details of the exact offer will be transmitted to you via UCAS.

BTEC’s and CTEC’s

Students must normally hold at merit overall to be considered and each course will specify the requirements.  If an Extended Diploma is studied the BTEC or CTEC must be in a relevant subject.  We accept combinations of A Levels and a BTEC or CTEC.

Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers

The University welcomes applications from Scottish students, and applicants qualify for entry to courses at the University either with suitable Highers, or Advanced Highers, or with a combination of the two. In assessing combinations for entry, admissions staff will look for breadth of study across 4 or 5 subjects, but may require specific grades in certain subjects.

International Baccalaureate

The University welcomes applications from students holding the International Baccalaureate diploma.

Students should offer at least 28 points overall and we may in some instances require you to have a specific number of points in subjects taken at Higher level.

Details of specific International Baccalaureate scores are listed in the undergraduate prospectus.

European Baccalaureate

The University welcomes applications from students holding the European Baccalaureate diploma.

Students should offer at least 7 points (70%) overall and we may in some instances require you to have a specific number of points in certain subjects.

Details of specific European Baccalaureate scores can be obtained from individual schools of study.

Basic Requirements

In order to be accepted to a degree course at UEA, you must satisfy two requirements:

  • You must hold at least a Grade C or Grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics and English or a recognised equivalent (please note that in exceptional cases the above may be waived)
  • You must satisfy the particular requirements for your degree programme (for example, specified grades in accepted qualifications).


A wide range of qualifications are acceptable and the admissions office will be able to give you advice on your own personal circumstances.  All of our courses have an entry requirements tab and you can check these by using our course search.

UCAS TariffOur offers ask for you to achieve grades in the qualifications that you are studying.  It is not our normal practice to give you an offer in UCAS Tariff points.  However, it is important that you display all of your qualifications on your UCAS Application as we may look at the additional qualifications undertaken by you, and they have UCAS Tariff points attached to them.  If you have not quite met the offer in grades we may look to see how many UCAS Tariff points you have to help with our decision making.

Key Skill Qualifications

Key Skills are an increasingly important part of both school and university education and accordingly all students are encouraged to develop these skills and evidence this on the UCAS application form.

Provision of Key Skills is not currently universal amongst schools and colleges, and so the University will not at this stage require Key Skills as a part of the general entrance requirement.

International Students

We would encourage you to visit our International pages for more information on the Country you are applying from.  You will also find our English Language requirements on the ‘requirements’ tab for each course by using the course search.

Academic and English language requirements

Before you begin your online application, it is worth first familiarising yourself with the generic entry requirements for postgraduate research at UEA.

Attendance and Engagement Requirements

Information on accommodation and eligibility for University accommodation can be found on the UEA Accommodation website: The University would normally recommend that students reside within 50 kilometres of the University to enable full engagement with their course. We expect all research students to meet with their supervisor on a regular basis, normally in person. Additionally, Funding Bodies may have further residency requirements.

Minimum Academic Requirements

The minimum academic requirement across the University for entry to a doctoral degree is either at least a 2:1 in a UK undergraduate degree, or a Master’s degree, or equivalent. Some Schools and research degree programmes have higher or more specific requirements: please check the Faculty Graduate School and School pages for details.

Minimum English Language Requirements

If English is not your first language or you are from a country that is not on the UKVI list of English speaking countries, you may be required to provide evidence of proficiency in English language. This will be listed as a condition on your offer letter. Minimum English language requirements for Postgraduate Research programmes are given in the following table. These are given as IELTS scores but other tests may be accepted.

Faculty Programme Overall IELTS score Further requirements on IELTS component scores
Arts and Humanities All research degree programmes 7.0 At least 7.0 in Writing and 6.5 in other components 
Medicine and Health Doctorate in Clinical Psychology 7.0 At least 7.0 in each component
Medicine and Health PhD, MD, MSc by Research 6.5 At least 6.0 in each component
Science All research degree programmes 6.5 At least 6.0 in each component
Social Sciences All research degree programmes 7.0 At least 6.5 in each component

You will also find a list of other English language equivalencies here.

Our offer letter will detail the IELTS requirement of your course. The University also accepts Pearson Academic English; to see how this equates to IELTS please download this document (PDF 21KB). These tests are considered by UKVI to be valid for two years.

You will be able to find out how to take these examinations from your college or University, or from the local office of the British Council.

INTO University of East Anglia offers a range of English courses for international students, enabling you to enter university at a variety of levels. INTO will be happy to advise you on your likely need for language training before you begin your studies. Further information can be found on the INTO website.

Where next?

If you meet the above requirements, and are interested in pursuing a research degree at UEA, we encourage you to begin preparing your online application. Information and advice on writing your proposal can be found here, and further information about our application process is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact Postgraduate Research Admissions Enquiries on or +44 (0)1603 59 1709.