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University of East Anglia English Literature

BA English Literature

Literature at UEA is vivid, contentious and alive: muddled up with passion, politics and play. Our BA in English Literature gives you a first-class grounding in literature from the middle-ages to the present, while challenging you to respond to your reading in inventive ways.

Whether handling fifteenth-century manuscripts in the Norwich archives, converting the argument of an eighteenth-century sonnet into the language of a political pamphlet, or writing your own critical introduction to a novel published only last year, your apprenticeship as a literary-critic here blends the acquisition of high-level analytical skills and broad and deep knowledge, with an attention to critical writing as a craft.

And Norwich is the place to learn the craft of the literary critic. World-renowned literature has been produced here from the c14th writings of Europe’s first-ever female author, Julian of Norwich, to c21st work by the likes of Ian McEwan and Emma Healey.


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The School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing is famous for the quality and adventurousness of its teaching. It embraces several interlinked disciplines; for example, you can choose to study drama or creative writing alongside English and related literatures. The English Literature degree programme gives a rigorous grounding in writing from the medieval period to the present day – from the Arthurian Tradition via Shakespeare, Milton, Austen, the Brontës, Joyce, to novelists and poets who are still writing now – and it combines this with a range of innovative approaches and specialist topics.

The degree course is studied in an interdisciplinary atmosphere.  Alongside specialists in English Literature, you will also work with teachers and students who are involved with Creative Writing, Drama, Philosophy, Modern Languages, American Studies, Film Studies, History and History of Art.  The options system also allows you to explore one or other of these subjects yourself: in each of the three years, besides your options within the English syllabus, you can choose one module from another discipline, according to your own interests and aptitude.