University of dundee year abroad

University of dundee year abroad

   The University of Dundee offers opportunities for our students to study abroad via our exchange programmes. We also offer international and EU students from other universities the opportunity to spend a semester or academic year with us as visiting or exchange students.

Study abroad is extremely beneficial to personal and professional development and research has shown that employers worldwide value graduates with intercultural awareness and global competences.

Studying Abroad

We offer you plenty of opportunities to enjoy international study.

You can apply to spend a study period abroad on an exchange programme at one of our partner institutions.

We recognise the credits that you gain overseas as part of your degree. Opportunities available to you depend on your course.

You can undertake Study Abroad during the level that is indicated if you’re doing one of the following degrees:

  • Accountancy and Finance/Business Management – Level 2
  • Anatomical Science – Semester 2 of Level 2 (no Erasmus+ only International)
  • Architecture – Semester 2 of Level 2
  • Computing – Level 2
  • DJCAD – one semester of Level 3
  • Economics/International Business – Level 2 or 3 for International exchange but Erasmus+ only in Level 3 and any Level 3 exchange must be for the full academic year
  • Education – Level 2 (Erasmus+ only)
  • Forensic Anthropology – Semester 2 of Level 2 (no Erasmus+ only International)
  • Humanities – Level 2 or 3 for international exchange but Erasmus only in Level 3 (particularly if taking associated language)

University of dundee year abroad

  • Law – Level 3
  • Life Sciences – Level 2 and no option for Australia
  • Politics – Level 2 or 3 for international exchange but Erasmus only in Level 3 (particularly if taking associated language)
  • Psychology – Level 2 (no Erasmus only international)
  • Social Work – Level 3 (Erasmus+ only)
  • All other areas offer opportunities in Level 2 and Level 3

Study Abroad is currently not available on:

  • Community Learning and Development
  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
  • Oral Health Sciences

University of dundee year abroad

What are your opportunities on the Erasmus+ programme?

Students at the University of Dundee may spend a study or work placement period in another participating EU country as part of their degree. Opportunities vary depending on the type of degree programme.

Is there any funding available?

Students receive an Erasmus Mobility Grant to help offset the ‘mobility costs’ of studying/working in another country, such as travel and differences in the cost of living.  The grant is intended as a contribution to costs not a full maintenance grant. The grant allocations for study and work mobility vary on an annual basis. For information on funding for 2016/17 please go to Erasmus Student Funding

How are Erasmus placements recognised academically?

Study and Work Placements are fully recognised by the University of Dundee. This is done by means of the Erasmus Learning Agreement for Studies or Traineeships which each student must have completed and approved by their School and their host institution/company in advance of their placement. This document clearly identifies the requirements of a student whilst abroad. By signing the Learning Agreement the School agrees to recognise the successful completion of the modules/activities as part of the students’ degree programme so that a student can progress on return from their Erasmus placement.

For more detailed information on academic recognition for a specific degree please contact the relevant Erasmus+ Academic Co-ordinator.

University of dundee year abroad

Is Erasmus+ only for language students?

Erasmus is not just for language students as the University of Dundee does have European partners in certain subject areas who teach in the English language, there are also European companies who will offer internships where the language of work is English.

What are the benefits?

Undertaking an Erasmus study or work placement is a fantastic opportunity to gain credits towards your degree programme whilst experiencing a different culture and living the “student life” in another European country. It is also the opportunity to add value to your CV, make you stand out from the crowd and have fun!