University of dundee volunteering

University of dundee volunteering


   Dundee University Archive Services offer volunteering and intern opportunities to those seeking professional experience for a future career in archives and records management.

Volunteer listing the Alexander Hannay collection‌‌We also offer placements to undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to learn more about the management and use of archives and records.

Volunteers undertake a range of tasks and activities which follows a programme agreed with staff, who provide advice and assistance as well as monitoring volunteers’ work

If you are interested in applying for a placement, please see our Volunteer Policy or contact the Archive

University of dundee volunteering


Are you a university staff member looking to recruit volunteers to work for your department or project – even if this is a one-off?

If so, any of these activities need to comply with the University of Dundee Volunteering Policy which:

  • Formally acknowledges and supports the role of volunteers
  • Sets out a policy to ensure good working practices
  • Defines the rights and responsibilities of the University of Dundee in relation to volunteering and its volunteers
  • Encourages and enables, rather than limits, the involvement of volunteers

Good practice guidance on volunteering is available in the University of Dundee Volunteering Guidebook.

This guidebook includes checklists and examples which will help you prepare in setting up a voluntary group or project, hosting a one-off event, recruiting volunteers for your project or your university department. It also includes the University of Dundee Volunteering Policy.

Why volunteer?

There are lots of benefits to you. You will:

  • Meet lots of new people
  • Develop communication, team working and organisational skills
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your CV and Personal Development plan, and become more employable with our valuable free training
  • Gain personal satisfaction

How can I apply?

You can register to volunteer at any time during the year though recruitment usually begins in Semester 2 during Student Volunteer Week at the end of February.

Peer Connections also takes on new volunteers during Semester 1 who are involved in limited activities until they have done their induction and initial training.

You will be asked to come for an informal interview with the Peer Connections Co-ordinator.

Volunteers must give 2 references when they apply to join – a personal and an academic reference. This is to ensure that they are not putting their studies at risk and are able to take on the required role. The initial training sessions are also used to assess suitability for the role of Peer Connector.