University of dundee university challenge

University of dundee university challenge

University Challenge returns to Dundee

The University of Dundee are seeking the best and brightest student and staff minds at the University  to go head-to-head with the alumni teams who pitted themselves on TV in the last 50 years.

Dundee Universities Students’ Association (DUSA) is seeking a team of 5 students and staff to face an Alumni team in the toughest quiz to come to Dundee.

Auditions will take place between 2-4pm on Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th March – apply below.

Students who enter may be eligible to move on to face the UK’s most formidable student minds and Paxman on the famous BBC Quiz Show.

University of dundee university challenge

The top 10 contestants will then be invited to a final selection round, where current students and staff will face off with the alumni team of 1978/83 on Saturday, 20th May.

If you are interested, please sign up for one of our trials below.

If you have any questions/queries please email

     University Challenge is a British quiz programme which first aired in 1962. University Challenge aired for 913 episodes on ITV from 21 September 1962 to 31 December 1987, presented by quizmaster Bamber Gascoigne. The BBC revived the programme on 21 September 1994 with Jeremy Paxman as the quizmaster.

The current title holders are Balliol College, Oxford, who won the 46th series in 2017.

The show is produced by Granada Television (re-branded as ITV Studios in 2009), under licence from Richard Reid Productions and the College Bowl Company.[2] It was recorded at Granada Studios in Manchester from its inception until the studios closed down in 2013; it is now recorded at MediaCityUK in Salford.

University of dundee university challenge


Format continuity

Despite periodic changes to the sets, studio layout, and presentation, University Challenge has evolved in a manner that has preserved a remarkably high level of continuity from 1962 to the present. Some commentators have cited this as an essential element of its success. Elements of this continuity include:

  • The long service of its quizmasters, with only two presenters over more than half a century of broadcasting history;
  • The instantly recognisable split-screen presentation during the starter question phase, which appears to place one team physically above the other (parodied by an actual double-decker set in the mock edition of the programme in The Young Ones – see below). In the final years of the original Bamber Gascoigne era, the studio set genuinely was double-decker, removing the need for the electronically generated effect, although it returned for the revived series and has been used ever since;
  • Long serving voiceover announcers, with only three in more than half a century – Don Murray-Henderson from 1962 until his death in 1971, then Jim Pope until his death in 2001, then Roger Tilling;
  • The theme tune College Boy by Derek New has been with the series since the 1960s (although the first series used Ting A Ling by Duke Ellington). College Boy was originally scored for an ensemble of tubular bells, Flugelhorn, harpsichord, brushed Hi-hat, bass drum and double bass. The original theme returned for the early Paxman era episodes, and was later replaced by a string quartet arrangement of the theme recorded by the Balanescu Quartet.