University of dundee thesis

University of dundee thesis

Form and Presentation of Theses for Higher Degree

Form and Presentation of Theses for Research Degrees

         1 The final version of the thesis, as accepted by the examiners for the degree must be deposited in the University’s research portal (discovery) in an electronic format approved by the Senatus. However, the initial submission of the thesis for examination may be presented in hard copy at the request of the examiners. The examination hard copy must be in a standard word processed and printed format acceptable to the examiners.

2 The thesis must be word processed in a standard format with a page size equivalent to paper size A4.

3 All text must be in font size 12pt (10pt for charts, captions and footnotes). The font type must be Arial, Times New Roman or an approved equivalent and must be consistent throughout the thesis, including chapter headings, quotations and references. 1.5pt line spacing is required throughout the thesis except for long quotations that may be in 1.0pt line spacing.

4 The document’s left margins must be at least 40 mm and the other margins at least 20mm.

5 Pages must be numbered consecutively through the main text with the numbers located centrally at the top of the page.

6 The title page must include the title of the thesis, the full name of the author in the centre and the full designation of the degree, the name of the University and the month and year of the award of the Degree in the bottom right-hand corner.

7 The table of contents and list of illustrations (if applicable) should normally follow the title page.

University of dundee thesis

8 Acknowledgements should normally appear on the page following the table of contents and any list of illustrations.