University of Dundee Teacher Training

University of Dundee Teacher Training

Teaching Qualification Further Education TQFE


At University of Dundee, the TQFE course is delivered almost entirely online, allowing you to fit your studies around your professional and personal commitments. Our virtual learning environment is open 24/7 and you are encouraged to complete the well-structured course at your own pace. As well as our highly accessible and attractive virtual learning environment, you will benefit from a range of social media and online conferencing tools. University of Dundee Teacher Training

The TQFE team is comprised of a group of academics, some of whom are also employed in the college sector. The course materials are kept fully up to date; our virtual learning environment gives us the agility to respond quickly to new developments in the field. Members of the team are engaged in research into a wide range of topics including educational uses of social media tools; adult learners and motivation; the design of online learning environments.

University of Dundee Teacher Training

Who should study this course?

The course is designed for academic staff working in colleges and other educational institutions, who may be fairly new to teaching or who want to develop their existing teaching skills further. Course participants are often sponsored by their employers. The Scottish Government recommends that all college lecturers should complete TQFE within three years of appointment.

Staff on the course come from a variety of backgrounds and together have a wealth of experience in teaching in a range of educational sectors.

The TQFE course is underpinned by the Scottish Government’s (2012) Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges which define the lecturer’s role and contribution to their educational setting. In keeping with these standards, the course recognises the role lecturers play in ‘enabling people from all sections of the community to be included in education and achieve their potential as successful learners and future citizens’. The course aims to fully prepare lecturers for the fast-changing world of teaching in the post-compulsory sector.