University of dundee registry

University of dundee registry


Registry is responsible for key processes relating to undergraduate and postgraduate students such as matriculation, tuition fee invoicing, examinations, graduations and all external and internal requests for statistical information on student numbers.

These include such returns as HESA, SFC and individual Research Council submissions. Registry records and maintains all student-related information on the Student Records System in accordance with University requirements and those of external funding bodies. It also provides a range of services to students, academic and support staff, senior management, committees, colleges and schools.

University of dundee registry

Registry consists of the following areas

Contact us

You can contact us through the Enquiry Centre, Campus Green (next to DUSA The Union) or contact us direct on +44 (0)1382 385390 or email


T     he Examinations Office acts on behalf of all schools to provide arrangements for all Examination Diets, Exam Papers, Degree Certificates and Transcripts

You will automatically be entered for your module examinations and we will confirm this is correct with schools. It is possible that your school may contact you to check your module registration.

You may wish to review the examination regulations and the statement regarding anonymous marking.

When are the degree exam diets

Exam dietMonthTimetable published
Semester 1 dietDecemberOctober
Semester 2 dietApril/MayMarch
Resit dietJulyAt least two weeks before

Where are degree exams held?

Accountancy LRThis is within 1 Perth Road
Bonar HallThe Main Hall on the ground floor of the Bonar Hall
DalhousieRooms in the Dalhousie building are numbered according to their Block and Floor Level.
Sports Hall 2In the Institute of Sport and Exercise; the entrance to SH2 for exam purposes is in Kincardine Street, the side road between the ISE and Heathfield
Tower IT Suites
(A, B, C D or E)
Located in the Basement of the Tower Building

University of dundee registry

Preparation and advice

Academic Skills Toolkit & Exam Revision Toolkit are available within My Dundee and have lots of useful information on:

  • Controlling exam stress
  • Exam strategies
  • Preparation tips for your exams

Preparatory Resit Exam Programme (PREP ) runs for the two weeks prior to the resits. PREP has a simple aim to help you pass your resit examinations.

Resit fees

If you have to resit an examination there is an additional fee

One subject£50
Each additional subject£25

Examination timetable

Find out the latest examination timetable

Timetable changes

Find out Timetable changes

Students with disabilities

A separate timetable is available to all registered students with disabilities who are entitled to extra time during exams or who require a scribe, a PC or other equipment. This timetable details where exams will take place.