University of dundee recruitment

University of dundee recruitment


Our Recruitment pages have been designed to highlight our procedures, and offer guidance to University staff so as to ensure they are successful in all Recruitment & Selection activities. Our guidelines comply with all relevant legislation and Equal Opportunities best practice, and will result in the most suitable person being appointed to the vacant post.

Please follow this link to view our Recruitment Guidelines.

Any questions relating to the recruitment of new staff should be directed towards your School or Directorate HR Officer.

Recruitment & Selection


Our goal is to become Scotland’s leading university, celebrated internationally for the quality of our graduates and the impact of our research. In order to reach that goal, we must become a world-class recruiting organisation that successfully attracts, selects and inducts the best possible academic, research, professional and support staff.

There are standards that all Recruiting Managers should follow in order to ensure high-quality hiring decisions and practices. These are based on best practice in the field of recruitment, and reflect our core values:  Valuing People, Working Together, Integrity, Making a Difference, and Excellence.

University of dundee recruitment

In summary, our staff recruitment practices should:

  • Attract and engage the highest quality candidates
  • Enhance our reputation as an employer-of-choice by delivering an outstanding candidate experience to all applicants – both successful and unsuccessful
  • Be fair and consistent
  • Be non-discriminatory and inclusive of people from all walks of life.

Your School/Directorate HR Team are available to help and will be happy to guide you through the recruitment process.   

Our Recruiting Philosophy

Recruiting talented staff is central to our aim of becoming Scotland’s leading University. It is only through the quality of our teaching, research, professional and support staff that we can provide a world-class experience for our students, and deliver teaching and research that transforms lives, locally and globally.