University of dundee queen mother building

University of dundee queen mother building

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The Queen Mother Building

Queen Mother Building Celebrates 10 Years of Computing Excellence

QMB 10 year anniversary

3 March 2016

The 3rd of March 2016 marks the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Queen Mother Building by the Princess Royal. The building is home to the University of Dundee’s academics and researchers in computing, and occupies a prime site overlooking the College Green at the heart of the university campus. It was named in honour of the University’s first Chancellor.

QMB plaque

One of the elements of the design brief was for a building that facilitated running into each other accidentally, rather than being cut off from each other in isolated offices, but still with the ability to preserve privacy when required. This was done with extensive use of glass walls and public spaces, and many of the design features continue to delight the occupants, such as the internal glass-enclosed bridge from the centre of the building to the unique research theatre. Beneath this bridge is a large open area which has come to be known as “the street”, and is a favourite meeting place for students and visiting groups. It is also used for the end-of-year Degree Shows and other exhibitions which have included one of Beatles photos from the University’s Peto Collection and an exhibition of radar-related items commemorating Sir Robert Watson-Watt.

QMB street

The building’s unusual design means that the internal spaces are a variety of shapes, and different wall and floor textures are used throughout, removing the visual monotony associated with some modern buildings. The use of thick insulation externally was unusual at the time, and the heating calculations for the building took into account the large number of CRT monitors that would be in use … unfortunately not allowing for their later replacement by energy-efficient flat panel displays, which produce much less heat!