University of dundee psychology

University of dundee psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour.  Psychologists observe and conduct experiments to understand what we’re motivated, challenged and influenced by.  And these findings are used to help us deal with personal and social challenges affecting our lives.

A qualification in psychology can open many professional doors for you.  From management to medicine, social work to sports – a degree in psychology can take you just about anywhere.

 A Psychology degree gives you options.

And lots of them. Much like the subject itself, career options in psychology are never black and white. Forensics, health, education, clinical, counselling and life coaching are just a few of the sectors you can consider when you graduate.

A psychology degree also gives you skills. Not only do you learn how to understand aspects of human behaviour, you also develop analytical skills that teach you to think critically, handle data and present information as well as becoming a confident communicator – skills valued by employers and relevant to any walk of life.

Studying a Psychology degree at the University of Dundee is a unique experience. The department is small which means you’re given quality time with your lecturers allowing you to get the best from yourself and the course.

University of dundee psychology

We are one of the top UK universities for graduate employment

93.8% of our graduates are in work or further study six months after graduation. This means that degree in Psychology from the University of Dundee will put you in a great position to embark on a rewarding and challenging career.

  • For Entry: September
  • Duration: 4 years
  • School: Social Sciences
  • Study Abroad: Yes
  • Study Mode: Full Time

What makes us who we are? Is it the way our brains function? Is it how we are brought up? Or is it the society we live in? As a Psychology student you will learn how to use a wide variety of approaches to answer these questions and will have the opportunity to play an active part in furthering our understanding of the human mind and behaviour.

At Dundee you will be a part of a vibrant School in which teaching and research are carried out at world class standards. We are committed to a teaching environment of the highest possible standard and independent surveys show that both the quality review bodies and our students believe we are achieving it.

All of our lecturers are actively involved in internationally recognised research. We feel that this is very important for your degree. The science of psychology is constantly changing as new discoveries are made and so it is vital that you are taught the latest theories and developments in the subject.

Research apprenticeship scheme

Our great strength at Dundee is human experimental psychology focusing on three core areas: language, cognition and perception; neuroscience and development; and social identity. We have built up one of the strongest visual cognition research groups in the world and are particularly renowned for our work on eye movements and reading.

At Dundee, you will have the opportunity to become an active member of this research community through our research apprenticeship scheme during Level 4, when you carry out your dissertation. Our research wing houses extensive research facilities and a teaching laboratory, fully equipped for lecture classes and laboratory practical classes.